Simple & Easy 1200 Calorie Meal Plan For Weight Loss In A Week(7 days)

When it comes to loose weight women are first in the line. So you want to reduce low waist fat and good figure so don’t worry and you are at right place with good will power. Weight loss is not an impossible task but if you are fully dedicated and with will power then nobody can stop you to lose weight. Excess of the fat deposition on your body whether on arms, neck, abdomen, thighs and waist line then you need to follow some regime to reduce your weight. There are few precaution you must follow for weight lose. Just follow one rule for weight lose that is eat lesser calories and expend more calories. In this way you can achieve your target. Here is a list for 7 days which you need to consume and want you need to stop for it. Hence in this 7 day you can start losing your weight and can get again a curvy figure.

1200 calorie Diet plan

What is 1200 calorie Diet plan?

1200 calorie Diet plan for weight loss

It is a simple and easy diet to follow you can eat any type of the food and each type of the variety in the diet, but make sure and be careful about the nature of the food you are consuming to satisfy your hunger.  Foods which are high in fat like sugary foods, refined foods (pasta, white bread) must be avoided they have more calories which directly cause your weight gain.

Fruits and vegetables must be taken as they are low in calories, carbs, but high in vitamins and fibers. Fruits like cherries, grapes, oranges, peaches, guava, plums, pineapple are good for the health. Vegetables like green leafy, carrot, mushroom, cucumber, tomato and many more. One can consume fruits or vegetables in any form like raw or boiled form, they are fully loaded with the nutrients which is required by our body to work. They also have impact on the skin, hair and health. It improves overall health. Try to avoid fruit drinks which are available in the market, as it contains lots of the sugar in it and in this way calories are add on. Eat raw fruits and vegetables with out any added calories.

fruits and vegetables

Junk foods contains more fat and carbohydrates therefore must be avoided from the diet. Focus must be on the whole grains, whole pulses which comes in a category of complex carbohydrates. Complex carbs contains fibers which are good for the health and digestive system. Fiber fill your stomach and satisfy your hunger which will help you out for not eating more junk foods in your diet. Whole grains and pulses contains protein which is an another essential components of our body for building block. It provides strength to your muscles and vitamins which is essential for the growth of the body.

Junk foods

Fats and oil must be restricted they are high-calorie food and increase the weight. Butter, margarine, cheese, eggs, red meat they are all high in fats so must be excluded from the diet. Fried foods must be avoided. They are the extra calories which is added in your diet. As they are tasty to eat but increase your weight as much as none other can do.

fats and oil

Diet must be in good amount of protein because protein is required for maintaining lean tissue. Protein foods like skim milk, egg white, yogurt, lentils, kidney beans. Micro and macro nutrients which is also essential for the growth and strength of your body. Calcium, iron, folic acid, phosphorus, potassium and sodium which are also required by our body muscles. So food must be nutritious also.


Instead of having 2 meals you must distribute your calories into 6 meal pattern so that it is advisable to have 3 main meal and 3 mid-meal. Small and frequent meal pattern you should follow to reduce your weight. To reduce weight you must follow some regime. Exercise must be a part of your daily routine all 7-day diet plan to lose weight.

Exercise definitely plays an important role in managing the weight. Brisk walking for half an hour is important. You can also perform best yoga poses  which will help in losing your weight quickly at home. Yoga is another effective way to lose calories and infact it will ease to enhance stamina by yoga poses.

It is not necessary that your weight is more but fat deposition will on the specific areas like some will have double chin or fat on the arm. There are certain exercise for double chin or arm fat which will help in the reduction of the fat and indulge in the weight lose.

Extra calories will be burn out with exercises and you are not taking any extra clories in your diet then you will  achieved your target of reducing weight.


1200 Calorie Meal Plan

Below is the set example of the distribution of the calories in a day. So that you will be energetic and feel active from inside.

1200 calorie diet chart

Early morning

  • A glass of lemon water
  • A cup of tea(no sugar) with 1-2 biscuits(fat free,made of whole grains)

Calories intake90 calories


  • 1 glass of milk(skim milk without sugar),
  • 1 plate of upma/utapam/poha/porridge/sandwich without butter

Calories in take330 calories

Mid morning

  • 1 banana/half cup melon/seasonal fruits

Calories intake -50 calories


  • 1 plate salad
  • 2-3 chapatis
  • 1 bowl mixed vegetables(very low oil)
  • 1 bowl dal(whole pulses)
  • 1 bowl curd

Calories in take345 calories


  • 1 glass of Butter milk(skim milk based)/a cup of tea (without sugar)

Calories in take35 calories


  • 1 bowl salad
  • 2 chapatis
  • 1 bowl vegetables

Calories intake370 calories

Total calories intake in a whole is-1220kcal

Benefits Of 1200 Calorie Diet

The best part of the 1200 calorie is that you can enjoy the food and you can lose weight. You needn’t to starve yourself and stay away with your favorite food. 1200 caloris will give you quick and better result. Reduction in weight with this diet plan will act as a motivational factor. There is no need to join some gym or hier some trainner for you. What you need to do is check healthy recipes and cook for you so that it will enhance your taste and doesn’t give extra calorie also.

This is the complete 1200 calorie diet for weight loss. Follow this plan everyday to get the results fast. For the reduction of weight this is the best way for quick and on short term basis, simultaneously you need to introduce some healthy changes in the lifestyle. A well balanced diet with regular exercise and lifestyle modification are the best criteria to reduce your weight.

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