Best Vegetarian Body Building Diet Chart For Muscle Growth In India

Muscle building and vegetarian food  can’t go together because protein is the basic building blocks for the muscles and best rich sources of the protein is non-vegetarian like lean beef, pork, fish and turkey. So it doesn’t mean that those who are  on the vegetarian diet can’t make their body muscles. No this is the myth because it will also depend on the various nutrients like vitamins, minerals, carbs, healthy fats. So the diet will be plan in such a way that there will be always a calorie surplus even after calories are burned through exercise and resistance training. Those who are on the vegans and vegetarian diet can get sufficient amount of the nutrients from whole grains, nuts, seeds fruits and vegetables too. Most of the  body builders get the extra protein as they needed to support their intense training regimens. Those who are  vegetarian bodybuilder must incorporate the few strategies to support his goals. Here is the list of the Vegetarian Indian food for the body builders that will help you to accomplish your muscle gain.

Best Vegetarian Body Building Diet Chart For Muscle Growth In IndiaBest Vegetarian Body Building Diet Chart For Muscle Growth In India


Best Vegetarian Body Building Diet Chart For Muscle Growth In IndiaVegetarian diet also promotes for the body building, so try to come out with the myth that you need to eat non-veg for the body building so here is a list of the foods which are rich in the protein as well as vital nutrients which are also required for the growth for the muscles mass and promotes the lean body mass.

Asparagus For Body Building

Asparagus For Body BuildingAsparagus is the rich sources for the folate, fiber, chromium, vitamin A, C, E, K. Asparagus has high level of the amino acid which is well known as asparagine which helps in absorption of the water and salt and releases out in the urine. It also contains an anti oxidants which has the ability to neutralize free radicals.

The best time to take asparagus is in the form of the salad, raw or boiled, Eat it for at least 5 times in a week in lunch and dinner.

Nuts For Body Building

Nuts For Body BuildingNuts are good for gaining muscles because it contain high amount of the protein and healthy fats and dietary fibers. One can have nuts as a post work out snacks and early morning with your milk.

Beans And Legumes For Body Building

Beans And Legumes For Body BuildingBeans helps in the improvement of the bowel moves and boost up the insulin response which help in muscle growth. Beans and legumes form the most important part of Indian vegetarian food for the bodybuilding. Beans and legumes can be taken in the main meal and in the snacks.

Tofu For Body Building

Tofu For Body BuildingTofu is a high protein food item and rich source of the isoflavones and amino acid, it promotes muscle growth and fast recovery of sore muscles and tissues. Tofu can be taken as a post work out snacks or meal.

Seeds For Body Building

Seeds For Body BuildingFlax seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and chia seeds are the rich sources for the essential fatty acid. They contain fiber and protein in them. Essential fatty acid will help in the tissue recovery after workout and reduces the inflammation. These seeds can be taken as a pre or post work out. One can sprinkle these seeds on the salads, curries and smoothies.

Quinoa For Body Building

Quinoa For Body BuildingQuinoa is considered as a complete food for muscles growth as it contains all the 9 essential amino acids that the body can’t produce on its own. It is also rich sources of the complex carbohydrate and protein. It also promotes the synthesis of IGF-1 which is a growth that is essential for muscle mass growth and strength. It also contain calcium  and iron that support regulation of muscle tone. Quinoa can be taken as a pre workout snacks for main meal that is breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Fruits For Body Building

Fruits For Body BuildingPresence of carbs, minerals, vitamins and fibers in fruits help in increasing the lean muscle mass and it is also essential for the muscle gain. Fruits can be taken in mid meal snacks for body building.

Fermented Milk Products For Body Building

Fermented Milk Products For Body BuildingFermented milk like yogurt provides energy through day. Yogurt contains probiotics which helps digestion and absorption of the vital nutrients and providing muscles mass and strength to your muscles. Yogurt can be taken as a pre work out or mid meal snacks.

Brown Rice For Body Building

Brown Rice For Body BuildingBrown rice can be included in the diet for body building, as it contains complex carbohydrate which is a slow digestibility rate and ensures for the slow release of energy. At least 50-60 percent of the total calorie should come from the complex carbohydrates. Brown rice can be taken as a pre work out snacks or meal.

Green Leafy For Body Building

Green Leafy For Body BuildingProtein is the most vital nutrient required for the muscle gain. Green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamin A, B, C, D and E, folic acid and calcium. Anti oxidant present in the green leafy vegetables boost up muscle to recovery and support your bodybuilding efforts. You can eat green leafy vegetables at any time in a day.

Full-Fat Cottage Cheese For Body Building

Full-Fat Cottage Cheese For Body BuildingFull fat cottage cheese is one of the best option in the vegetarian diet for body building. Cottage cheese improves the lean muscle mass and it contain casein protein which is necessary for the bodybuilding. Cottage cheese can be taken at any time in a day or as a post workout snacks.

Oats For Body Building

Oats For Body BuildingOats helps in the boosting the metabolic rate and muscle healing rate after work out because it has high level of the folic acid, vitamin E, zinc, thiamin, healthy carbs and dietary fibers. Oats can be taken as a pre workout snacks.

Low-Fat Milk And Its Product For Body Building

Low-Fat Milk And Its Product For Body BuildingMilk is also the rich source for the protein as it contain whey protein and casein. Casein has a slow digestibility rate which balances the whey protein digestibility rate. Milk is also a good source of the calcium which strength the bone and help you to stay fit during workout. You can drink milk in the early morning, bedtime and as a pre workout.

Banana For Body Building

banana for body buildingBanana has high content of the potassium which helps in the prevention of the bloating and puffiness, soreness and cramps of the muscles. banana can be taken as a pre workout snacks.

Sweet Potato For Body Building

Fermented Milk Products For Body BuildingSweet potato is working for the bodybuilding in the vegetarian diet. Sweet potato are low calories carbohydrates and this will keep your energy level high during heavy workout. Sweet potato are the rich source for the fibers, which is essential for the burning fat, controlling appetite, maintaining health of digestive system and promotes the muscle mass. Sweet potato can be consumed as a pre workout snacks.

Now it is good news for the bodybuilders who are vegetarians and hesitate to eat nonveg now they can also build up there body mass through vegetarian diet. Body builders should select the food items in such a way will enhance the development of the muscle mass and reduces the fat percentage in the body.

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