10 Powerful Exercise to Reduce Ugly & Flabby Arm Fat At Home In 10 Days

Fatty arms can really ruin your image and it is difficult to fit in a slim dress and even wearing sleeveless dress give embarrassment. Both the male as well as female facing this fatty arm problem. Male wants muscles arm and girls want slim and no fat arm.

How to reduce arm fatFor toning your muscles you need to do exercise.Exercise not only reduce the fat around the area but also give toned arms. Exercise can be performed at home to get toned arm or even you can say lose arm fat fast.

Exercise to Lose Arm Fat

Basically lose arm fat is on the triceps, you need only a chair or a table to toned your lose arm fat. You need n’t to put extra efforts to do it. So try these simple exercise to lose arm fat from your body.

1. Weight lifting

Weight lifting is the simplest exercise to toned your body muscles specially arm fat. If you have dumbbells you can use otherwise you can use water bottle also.

Weight lifting

Hold the dumbbells properly in your hand. Your arms should be straight in the first position.

Now put the weight by taking it behind your back. Now come back to the original position and repeat the exercise. Repeat the exercise 60 times over to the head.

2. Chair dips

This is the fat reducing exercise not only the arm fat but also for your back muscles.

Chair dips

What ever furniture you are using ,make sure that it should be 2 feet above the ground.

  • Keep your face away from the furniture and place your hand on it.
  • Move away from the furniture and keep your upper body straight.
  • Bend your knees, bend your elbow and move your body to the ground to touch the floor.
  • Come back to original position and repeat it.

3. Counter push ups

Counter push ups tone your arms.


 Counter push ups

  • Your feet and shoulder should be straight.
  • Bend your elbow and touch the counter,now again straight your elbows and the original position.
  • Repeat the exercise.

4. Push ups

It is the best exercise with out any type of the equipment, it will strengthen your muscles.

Push ups

Place your body on the floor facing down.

Now place your hands on the floor and toe touching to the floor.Bend the elbow move your body to the upward and again bend your elbow to the original position.Repeat the exercise.

5. Scissors

This exercise will really help you out to lose arm fat fast as compared to other exercise it will also create fun for you.


  • Stretch your arms and feet away from each other.
  • Now overlap the left hand to right hand like a scissors and same with the legs.
  • Now again come back to the original position.Keep try this exercise to lose arm fat.

6. One arm Tricep dips

One arm Tricep dips

  • Sit on the floor with your legs and feet joined ,knees bend and place your palms on the floor.
  • Now raise your hips from the floor by stretching your arms ,elbow get straight ,feet touched to the floor.
  • Repeat the exercise.

7. Arm circle

Arm circle

  • Stand straight on the floor ,keep your arm straight and feet away,raised your shoulder.
  • Now perform small circles with your hand by rotating them in the forward direction and then small circles backward .
  • This will toned your biceps, triceps , shoulder and back muscles.

8. Single arm lateral raise

Single arm lateral raise

Lie down on the floor facing down.Raise your torso up till your one hand straight and other hand is raised parallel to the floor.

Hold this position for a few seconds,slowly lower down your body and again repeat it.

9. Half moon rotation

Half moon rotation

Stand straight on the floor, arms raised straight to the sides to the shoulder height and fingers together.

Now keep your palm facing to the floor and then slowly rotate till your palm facing upward direction.

Repeat the exercise.

10. Opposite arm and leg lift

Opposite arm and leg lift

Lie down on the floor, place your knees below your hips and palm touching to the ground.

Now stretch your leg and hand at the same time ,stay in this position.

Repeat it with other side.

From above such exercise you will get rid off from the lose fat at arms and get the even toned muscles. These are really effective exercises can be at home. you must also known that diet plays an important role in losing fat from the body.

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