30 Creative Hippie Hairstyle For Short And Long Hairs

Are you ready to enjoy your life with full fun and love and doing things which you like the most so try to express your sense of freedom and style with hippie hairstyles, it doesn’t matter whether it is long, short, or curly hippie hairstyle for hairs. Hippie hairstyle is the coolest haircut which gives you a unique hippie hairstyle.

Hippie hairstyle makes you look different and beautiful it is a natural hairstyle but with different presentation, in hippie hairstyle you can try flowers, headbands and something creative. So creative hippie hairstyle for the different length of the hairs.

Hippie hairstyle can also show your mood and personality also. There are different style of the hairbands, flower and accessories are available in the market which you can use in your hairstyling which will an impact of the attractiveness and creativity. Coloring your hair is another way for hippie hairstyle. Here which are sharing a vast range of the hippie hairstyle, hippie hairstyle for long hairs, short hairs, curly hairs, medium hairs, braids hairstyles, coloring hippie hairstyles and different haircuts.

hippie hairstyle for long and short hairs

Creative Hippie Hairstyle For Long And Short Hairs

In 1960’s were the heyday of the hippie movement, it is a time for the music, counterculture, minimalistic with tie and dyed clothing.  Hippie hairstyle can be an iconic hairstyle with long, messy, natural, braided and crowns. here is the list of the Stunning hippie hairstyle for long and short hairs.

hippie hairstyle for medium hairs

  1. Side Braided Hippie Hairstyle

A Green blue hairband on fore head with braided hairs gives a cool looks, combination of the black and dull brown color. Hippie era is the most creative for the braided look, they are the perfect braided hairstyle for this generation.

side braided with band hippie hairstyle

2. Colored Blonde Hippie Hairstyle

Orange shocking color for hair is another hippie hairstyling, Blonde haircut till shoulder with the middle partition and sleek straight hairs will look gorgeous with the oval face. No need to spend more time on your hairs.

orange blonde hippie hairstyle

3. Fringes With Bow Hippie Hairstyle

Bow Hippie hairstyle with silky and shiny hairs look awesome and left an impression of the hairstyling. Your hairs look voluminous with different hair style with no accessories. Front straight flicks and rest of the hairs are tucked into bun form, then with the edges of the hairs turn it into bow shape. This is the attractive hippie hairstyle.

hairbow hippie hairstyle

4. Single Ring Band Hippie Hairstyle

To keep your long wavy hairs open and use a narrow band on forehead to let it flow with air. Swept the wavy long hair on one side, this is the awesome hairstyle for the free and creative person.

one side hippie hairstyle

5. Front Braided Hippie Hairstyle

Long wavy hairs can be managed with the front braided hairs and full open hairs which flow with the air. This hippie hairstyle is good for those who are creative and don’t let hairstyle to disturb in their work.

half braided hippie hairstyle

6. Loose Dreadlock Hippie Hairstyle

Dreadlock loose hippie hairstyle with long extended accessories with shades of the color, is good for those people who are enjoying the music and dancing. This is the funky and unique hairstyle.

dreadlock for hippie hairstyle

7. Red Highlight Hippie Hairstyle

Blonde hairs till shoulder with slight curve inside can look attractive with the headband of the pol ka dot avoiding the hairs to flow on your face.

highlight hippie hairstyle

8. Stylish Band Bob Cut Hippie Hairstyle

Crystal hairband or double hairband for short hairs gives a retro appearance with unique hairstyling, beautiful bob cut give a punk effect.

ring hippie hairstyle

9. Diamond Band Hippie Hairstyle

Long hairs with middle partition managed with s string of the band with heavy motif on the forehead, edges are slightly wavy.

headlight hippie hairstyle

10. Braided Crown Hair Hippie Hairstyle

Beautiful long curly from the edges with braided with the front to handle the flow of the hairs, braided hairs act as a stylish band for hairs.

braided crown hippie hairstyle

11. Fabulous Hippie Hairstyle

This is the wonderful hippie hairstyling like a spider web but simple to tackle as easy to make, make a ponytail tie it with rubber band, take small portion of the hairs and twist and roll on the top, this interlinking of the hairs gives an appearance of the wow feeling.

Spider hippie hairstyle

12. Feathery Cap Hippie Hairstyle

Blonde hairs with outside curls and covered with the tilted cap and fringes in the front. Fabulous hairstyle go smoothly with the skirt.

retro hippie hairstyle

13. Scarf Covered Long Hair hippie Hairstyle

Normal casual cloth tied up on the head and rolled twice, this hippie hairstyle look gorgeous with the flow of the time.

Silk band hippie hairstyle

14. Bun With Orchid Hippie Hairstyle

Bridal hippie hairstyle with a proper bun with a ring of the orchid flower with a iron flat in the front.

puff bun hippie hairstyle

15. Color Waterfall Hippie Hairstyle

This colorful waterfall in the blonde hairstyle will look awesome and take the focus of all your dress.

barbie hippie hairstyle

16. Perfect Hippie hairstyle

Copper ringband with the color of the hairs with uneven edges in loose waves.

hippie hairstyle for short hairs

17. Stylish Braided Hippie Hairstyle

Unique hippie hairstyle with the flower on the turn of the braided hairs in the back and look beautiful in the front.

hippie hairstyle for long hairs

18. Bead Ended Hippie Hairstyle

Long curly hairs can be open with the tie of the stylish rope around the head with the beats on the ends.

rope band hippie hairstyle

19. Maiden Hippie Hairstyle

Wet your hairs crumble like a paper and let it natural dry, take all hairs and make a messy bun with a 2-4 layer of the hairband.

messy bun motif hippie hairstyle

20. Bridal Hippie Hairstyle

Messy bun with a puff and front hairs are covered with the hairband, this is the fabulous a hairstyle for the brides.

bridal hippie hairstyle

21. Braided Swept Hippie Hairstyle

Little tacky but cool look all the hairs are swept on one side and then braided from the front till on the one side.

braided hippie hairstyle

22. Afro Short Curly Hippie hairstyle

Single strand of the hairs are curled tightly in brown color which gives an effect of the African hairstyle.

curly hippie hairstyle

23. Braided Blue Extended Hippie Hairstyle

Braided blue laces with the crystal blue beats in the ends are tucked in the natural hairs to give funky look.

blur extended hippie hairstyle

24. Amazing Hippie Hairstyle

High pony with curls and fringed in the front with some loose hairs and covers it with the diamond accessory.

party hippie hairstyle

25. Floral Crown Hippie hairstyle

Coloring the hairs with the purple in layer and crown it with the flowers on the top of the head. It is stylish and shows the loving nature with the environment.

hippie hairstyle for crown

27. Messy Feathery Hippie Hairstyle

Messy bun with the long straight hairs with the braided lace feathery touch, cool hippie hairstyle for a creative appearance.

wonderful hippie hairstyle

28. Nature Hippie hairstyle

Ring of the band with the feathers in the band on one side with long wavy hairs slightly colored with the edges.

feather band hippie hairstyle

29. Wavy Hippie Hairstyle

Metallic motif or metallic band to cover the long wavy hairs, this beautiful band takes off the total focus of the long wavy hairs.

moonlight party hippie hairstyle

30. Blue Blonde Hippie hairstyle

Different hairstyle with bob cut with simple blue color or few hairs long as compared to the other hairs.

hippie hairstyle for short hairs

Hippie hairstyle is trendy among the teenagers, short, long, wavy, straight hairs are the common among them with the use of the different accessories, which they can use them whether it is a scarf, flower, dreadlocked, coloring and band. Best Hippie hairstyle is for the creative people with happy nature and flow with the dress, sometimes it gives an appearance of the retro look or 60’s hairstyle with different format. So guys don’t waste your time just try these hippie hairstyle and we will come soon to upgrade the hairstyles.

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