Top 10 Best Hairstyles For Big Foreheads Female

Every face has a unique character with different feature, proportion and shape like someone has big eye some has small eye, shape of the nose will differ and shape of the lips will also differ. So hairstyle for the long face is not a big issue most of the celebs has long face like Liv Tyler, Sarah Jessica and they look gorgeous. Girls if you want to look beautiful then awesome hairstyle for big forehead females.

If you know that which type of the hairstyles will suit you then there is no problem in enjoying the long and oval shaped face with big forehead. You can change your look with different hair styling and can be extremely charming, sweet and Sexy hairstyle for huge forehead females.

Girls if you have wrong choice of the hairdo then you might look like a face of the horse. So here is the list of the different hairstyles of the big forehead.

hairstyle for big fore head females

Best Hairstyles For Big Foreheads Females In 2016

Girls having huge forehead can try to have bangs, rounded bangs which cover their forehead with the hairs till eyebrows. Big forehead looks sexy if you carry it out wisely and it will have an impact on others too. Hairstyling is the best way through which you can hide and you can show for your popularity. We will share here the best hairstyling and haircut for the big forehead females in 2016.

updo with bun for big forehead1. Flat Iron Front Bangs Hairstyle

Females with long hairs can go for the front flat iron bangs which give the illusion of the round face instead of the long face and it covers the forehead up to eyebrows. Divide your hairs into two parted kept it in the front with loose curls. It will leave the good impression on others.

classic hairstyle for big forehead

2. Wide Spread Hairstyle For Big ForeHead

Females with the medium length of the hairs can kept the few bangs on the forehead to cover it and slight loose wavy hairs with the edges so that it gives an impression of the voluminous hairs also. Highlight the edges of the hairs will take the all the point of the notice.

lose curl hairstyle for big fore head

3. Feathery Curls To Hide Big Forehead

Females with the short and curly hairs can get benefits of having this hairstyle with big forehead and curls from the front till the bottom covers the whole head which impart a look of the round face instead of long face. The length of the hairs must be around the ear only.

hairstyle for short hairs and big forehead

4. Sleek Cropped Hairstyle For Big Forehead

For the oval face try a cut of the hairs till below the ears and blonde at the end. Front bangs cut the length of the forehead and face, this hairstyle will be flattering for the others. This bob hairstyle for the big forehead take all the credit.

simple hairstyle for big forehead

5. Swept Bangs Blonde Hairstyle For Big Forehead

This is the fantastic hairstyle for the long face girls as it covers the face with the hairs, swept the front hairs on one side and let the other hairs will fall as such with a blonde. It can be performed with the help of the iron and then it will add on the texture and shine in your hairs too.

blonde hairstyle for big forehead

6. Medium Wavy Hairstyle For Big Forehead

Middle partition with wavy hairstyle will cut the length of the face as well as create an illusion of the even hairs even though it is little frizzy. With this hairstyle females can afford to have a pony tail and bun which suits them.

mid parted hairstyle for big forehead

7. Horizontal Bangs With Bun Hairstyle For Big Forehead

Bangs are the most efficient and versatile way for big forehead. Front bangs with slight roll internal side and rest of the hairs are tied in the bun form then this will be great hairstyle to hide the rough hairs, uneven hairs and it will create an impulse of the round face instead of the long face.

bun with flicks for big forehead

8. Over The Shoulder Hairstyle To Hide Big Forehead

You can braided the hairs along the hairline and can shift the eye from your long forehead to the braided hairs. Curls bangs will cut down the length of the face and highlight the long braided hairs. Side parted bangs will go for the ensurance of the long hair also.

front braided hairstyle for bigfore head

9. Long Hairs For Big Forehead

With the big forehead you can carry long hairs easily, but with slight bangs in layer form.In this way you can shift the focus of a person from your big forehead to the long hairs. With the highlight of the edges of the bang and some mid-side parted distribution of the hairs will work superb for you, Most of the part of the face will be covered by the long front bangs and gives a voluminous look to your hairs.

layers with side parted hairstyle for big fore head

10. Face framing Cascading Layers Hairstyle For Big Fore Head

Thick cascade locks are good enough to hide the huge forehead, side-parted hairs with long bang with loose curls at the edge of the hairs will take away the focal point from the face to hairs. Flat iron the bangs from the initial and then curls add texture and gives an impression of the sophisticated female.

wavy hairstyle for big forehead

Hairdo is the best process to hide your long face and big forehead but the choice of the hair style will totally depend, here in the above article we have tried our best to show  you the best hairstyle for the big forehead and give an illusion of the round face or smaller face. Hopefully you will like the article and we will add more in this article with different more hairstyles. So, these hairstyle for your hairs and enjoy it.

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  1. I have always been insecure about my huge forehead; that’s why I’m thinking of going to a salon where they’d probably give me advice regarding this. Well, I agree with you that bang will be a great idea since this will help hide my forehead. You also have a point that a widespread hairstyle would help highlight the edges of my hair instead!


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