How to Relieve Cramps Before and During Your Period

Did you know that 85 percent of women experience painful cramping before and during their periods? This experience is often underplayed as women try to find ways they can relieve cramps.

When people search for how to relieve cramps, there are all kinds of information to sift through. It can be difficult to know just what to believe.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled a few tips that you can try. If you’re ready to learn ways to relieve period cramps, then all you need to do is continue reading.

Tips to Relieve Cramps

When trying to relieve cramps, there are many different methods that a person can try. No one remedy will work for everyone, but trying a combination can achieve the desired result. 

There are two main categories of remedies you can experiment with to relieve cramping.

The first is home remedies, things that can be done to relieve the pain with common household items. The second is different kinds of supplements and medications, that can be bought online or over the counter, or prescribed from a pharmacy.

Remember, you may need to try two different methods to get results. However, all of these methods are worth trying once.

Home Remedies

The most popular and effective home remedy is using heat as a way of relieving period cramps. If you do not have a heating pad, then you can fill a water bottle with hot water to achieve the same effect. 

If you also don’t have a water bottle that can carry hot water, don’t worry! Even a warm bath or a damp, hot towel can have the same effect.

It is also recommended that you drink more water. Drinking water will help you avoid bloating because you won’t be retaining water. In addition, warm or hot water will increase blood flow to the skin and relax cramped muscles.

Supplements and Medication

As effective as home remedies can be, you should always pair them with supplements and medication to cover all of your bases.

Over-the-counter pain medication such as Aleve can help relieve pain and muscle cramps. For long-term relief, however, you should try a supplement for PMS.

These dietary supplements often help to get rid of cramps by introducing vitamins you may not have had in your diet. Certain vitamins and minerals found in supplements have been shown to reduce muscle cramps.

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