How to Create an Organized and Fun Kid Bedroom on a Budget

The average price Americans spend on interior design in the United States is almost $5,500. While the minimum average cost is just under $500, this cost can go up to over $10,000 fast.

Children grow up so quickly that they soon demand their own space. Whether renovating your home or just starting as a family, making room for a child is always a challenge!

Budgeting for kids’ bedrooms can be tricky, but there are ways to make it work. With the proper planning and furniture, you can create an affordable and stylish kid bedroom that will satisfy you and your little one!

We have put together a few tips and ideas to help you save money while giving your little one everything they need! Keep reading to learn how to create a fun, organized kid’s bedroom on a budget.

1. Use Vertical Space

Going vertical is one of the easiest but often overlooked ways of creating an organized space. What we mean is to take advantage of hanging storage. For example, you can find a shoe holder rack to hang on the back of your kid’s bedroom door. This will keep your kid bedroom floor neat and tidy, and you’ll always know where the shoes are.

2. Choose a Fun Bedspread

Color psychology says that color significantly impacts our mental health. For example, researchers think the color green can help with creativity. So boost your children’s by buying a fun and colorful bedspread.

If browsing through brick-and-mortar stores, you can find so many options online. You’re sure to find something your kids will love, but if you’re uncertain, you can even get them to choose their own bedding. They’ll love something they got to pick out.

3. Paint a Wall Mural

Another way to add fun and color to your kid bedroom is to get extra creative and paint a mural on the wall. Even if you’re not great at art, you can still enjoy painting simple trees and birds. Whatever you do, your kid will love it because you painted it.

You only need small tins of different paint colors and brushes. Be bold and use the internet if you’re stuck for ideas – we won’t tell anyone.

4. Use Storage Baskets

If you want an organized space, using baskets for storage is a great tip. For example, you can use them inside wardrobes to sort socks and underwear, or you can use them in the toy closet to group toys. When toys are stored this way, your children are more likely to clean up after themselves.

If you make things straightforward, they’ll get into the habit of tidying up after themselves. You can also use baskets on shelves in your kid bedroom and buy some nice-looking ones to keep up the room’s aesthetic.

5. Buy Functional Kid Furniture

Another tip we have for you is to use functional furniture. By doing this, although you may spend more on one item, it’s worth it if it serves more than one purpose. If you spend more than you expected on a big-ticket item (ie, bed, desk, bookshelves), you can adjust your spending on the next piece of furniture you buy to offset the extra cost.

Furniture like loft bed frames serve two functions: they’re a bed for your child to sleep in at night, and because they’re lifted off the ground, they free up space on the floor. Bunk beds can sleep two children, saving space if you don’t have a large kid bedroom. For example, if you’re in Dallas, you can find great bunk beds at this store location.

6. Use The Space Under The Bed

If you’re not buying bunk or trundle beds, you can still use the floor space by utilizing the space under the bed. While you may not be able to fit big things, you can certainly put some storage bins or shoe organizers underneath.

Choosing bin containers with wheels will make getting it out and putting it back under the bed much easier. Before you purchase any containers, ensure you measure the space under the bed in the kid bedroom so you can ensure you get ones that will fit.

7. Paint a Chalkboard

If your kids are young enough, you can give them an entire wall to draw on. Yes, you read that right. You can allow your kids to draw on the wall. You just need to paint it with blackboard paint first (it’s child safe)!

When the paint dries, it dries with a chalkboard effect. This effect means your kids can draw on the wall with chalk, like a real blackboard. A wall like this is great for artistic children or children with a creative side. 

It’s also a great activity area when your child has friends over. They’ll all enjoy grabbing some colors and getting imaginative.

8. Get Your Kids Involved

Our final tip is an important one so listen up. Get your kids involved. When you’re designing your kid’s playroom, getting them involved means they’ll appreciate everything that gets done so much more. Letting your children give their opinion is important, especially since this is their personal space.

You want them to choose colors that make them happy, so be careful about discouraging them from their choices too much. The amount of freedom you give them will depend on their age. Older kids will be able to choose more wisely, whereas you can get very young kids to pick out smaller things like their bedding and rugs.

Create a Kid Bedroom Your Kid Will Love

Making your child happy when decorating their kid bedroom on a budget can be a challenge. However, there are things you can do without spending too much. You can buy childhood furniture that’s multifunctional; you can paint a wall mural, use storage baskets and bins, and get your kids involved by letting them choose room accents like bedding and lamps.

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