Effective Ways To Reduce Belly Fat or Tummy Fastly With Diet & Exercise

Every women has a dream of having flat tummy without any type of fat in it. This belly fat gives sleepless night. Now a days women are working and at the end of the day they got tired, result is what ever is present in front of them they have it. No doubt that balanced diet and proper exercise will give you a flat abs and good curves. So, question is how to reduce belly fat.

How to Reduce Belly Fat

How to get rid off from the belly fat is the main target with out any much efforts. Accumulation of fat in long term will cause diabetes and the risk heart diseases. Sedentary life style is the main cause for the belly fat.

How to reduce belly fat Fast

There are lots of suggestion from people around yo to lose belly fat or tummy. But here i will tell you the best way to lose belly fat.

Best ways to get Rid of Belly Fat

1. Get a good posture to sit

It is the first step to reduce the belly fat. If you are sitting continuously on a chair or any where else sit straight because slumping and curving sitting postures will give you a bent on the abdomen which will accumulate and gives you a belly fat. so, try to sit straight and even stand straight.

sitting postureAbove picture will show how to sit while working. Make sure your feet must touch the ground , your shoulder must be rise.

2. Drink plenty of fluids

Drink lots of the water at least 8-10 glasses of water per day, it will release out the toxins from the body and helps in shedding out the weight especially from the abdomen fat. Sugar rich drink are not allowed.Aerated beverages, soft drinks, hard drinks are also not allowed.

plenty of waterPlenty of fluids not only helps us in reducing tummy but also creates good system.

3. Eat right amount of food

Eat right amount of food with quantity as well as quality wise also. You must cut down the fatty foods like fried foods, refined foods, processed foods and high rich sugary foods.

food to eatFoods which are rich in fibers like fruits and vegetables even they also contain good amount of water content in them which will prevents constipation and bloating and make your gut good. This will ultimately helps in loosing belly fat.

Small and frequent meals pattern must be follow to get rid of the belly fat.

4. Proper exercise

30 minutes walking is enough to reduce belly fat. It will increase your metabolism and burn out extra inches from the waist line. walking can be slow or brisk walking. Here are ways to do exercise with walking at home.

exerciseexercise 25. Through out stress

When we are in stress our body releases out the hormone cortisol ,this hormone encourage body to store fat in the lower abdomen. The situation even get more worse when it is added with the bad diet. So try to give yourself time to relax through listening music or doing some creative work in which you are interested.

6. Good digestive system

Balanced diet with plenty of fluids and exercise will make your digestive system good enough. Now a days most of the women are suffering from the problem bloating and indigestion.

These above things will help you out in reducing your belly fat and gives you a flat abs.

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