How to Increase Your Influence at Work

It is essential to be influential at work for successful career advancement or to get a position at a major company like Velvet Caviar. Authority among colleagues, a right attitude from the management, an excellent reputation in the business environment – all these are the circumstances that help achieve success. But gaining influence at work is not easy. You need to be a professional in your field, be a decent, self-confident, and friendly person. You should be able to make decisions, defend your position, and negotiate. It is quite possible to improve influencing skills. And we will show you how to do it.

Effective Influence on People

How to become a person whose opinion is highly valued, who is listened to, who can influence decision-making? Further, we provide some essential advice.

  • Build communication

Make connections, establish effective communication. It is important to spend effort in liking people. The need for this was noted by the famous psychologist-writer Dale Carnegie, who taught people how to evoke sympathy. Compliments, empathy, and active listening are excellent skills for connecting with people. To become noticeable, you must be a person who is attentive to others and their needs.

  • Active listening is important

It is necessary to listen to people, let them speak out. The ability to show attention, empathy will create a reputation for someone pleasant to speak to. Hearing can be passive and active. Passive listening is merely staying silent during the interlocutor’s monologue; when you do not concentrate on their words, do not delve into sense of what is said.

Success in business, as in any other communication-based area, is brought by active listening. Ask the person what they mean, whether you understand them correctly, ask clarifying questions. People who can listen to the interlocutor become authoritative for those around them.

  • Monitor body language and intonation

A theory that the greeting that is familiar across the globe – raising an open palm – did not appear for anything. Thus primitive tribesmen signaled that there was no weapon in their hand – this was how peaceful intentions were proclaimed. Body language was the first communication tool. Voice, looks, and intonation – all this conceals a lot of useful information about the speaker.

And nothing changed with the development of speech. It is still imperative to express yourself in your gestures, in the timbre of your voice, in the facial expressions. In no case should you radiate fear, hostility – after all, these are perfectly readable. In turn, you should be able to recognize non-verbal signals from your interlocutors. Correct communication is a prerequisite for a successful business.

  • Watch your image

Influence in the business is based mainly on perceptions. No matter how professional you are, it will be difficult to achieve much in your career if you look out of place. Of course, people who have already reached heights can afford, in principle, any extravagance, even negligence in the image.

But on average, it is people with excellent presentation skills who succeed. You can choose your style both with stylists’ help and by studying successful people’s self-presentation features. Understand the importance of the image; the rest can be learned.

  • Understand people’s motives and needs

Spare no effort in trying to understand people. What do your colleagues, clients, business partners want? What are their fundamental needs, what can you offer them? A successful company offers customers satisfaction to their desires, solutions to their problems. Any leading company in the market thoroughly analyzes all the needs of its customers. This translates into any business relationship. A keen understanding of people will help you become a successful person and expand your reach.

  • Stay professional no matter what

Perhaps this is the most critical point. Be authoritative in your field. Develop all the time, learn new things. The real pro never stops there. Set ambitious goals; look to benefit your company and customers. People will appreciate a person in their place, who is aimed at development, positive and constructive. The qualities of a professional will build you a strong positive reputation in the business environment.

Expand Your Zone Of Influence in Business

It is vital to improve your skills continuously to be successful in business. On this path, you will be helped by such weighty qualities as self-confidence, healthy ambition, professionalism, communication skills, active listening, and, of course, faith in victory. Develop, achieve success, show yourself – it will benefit both you and your company. We have been training business owners, leaders, and managers for a long time to achieve success, expand our area of influence. Our training will help you become even more successful.

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