Effects of Akuamma Seeds – Positive and Negative

If you want to try something different instead of synthetic medicines, then you should give natural herbs a try. Akuamma seeds are one such plant that is used across Africa as a painkiller.

It has many other significant uses apart from being a superior painkiller. Moreover, there are some side effects or negative effects as well which we have discussed below. Based on what you are going through, Akuamma seeds could prove to be quite beneficial to you. 

Positive Effects of Akuamma Seeds:


1. As a painkiller

Akuamma seeds can be used to alleviate the pain that is caused by Lupus erythematosus, fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraine, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, cancer, post-operative pain, pain at fractured bone sites, etc. It is sold as ‘Picap’ in different hospitals across Ghana. You can also take the seeds for painful, sore muscles. These act very quickly, usually within 15 to 30 min, and thus are preferred. Consuming up to 2 seeds per day is useful for pain relief.

2. Sedation

For people who have a tough time sleeping due to insomnia, nightmares and other sleeping disorders, Akuamma seeds are very beneficial as it acts as a sedative. Within an hour after consuming the seed powder, it evokes a soothing effect that helps with anxiety, pain, and stress to help you get a comfortable and peaceful sleep.

3. Produces a sense of relaxation

For people who face panic attacks and suffer from anxiety, the Akuamma seeds can help you produce an overall sense of wellbeing. It relaxes the mental state which leads to a calm mind.

4. Anti-parasitic action

Akuamma seeds have anti-parasitic action which has an intense effect on patients having Leishmaniasis or Trypanosoma. Trypanosoma is a protozoon with a single flagellum that causes African sleeping sickness, Leishmaniasis, and Chagas diseases. 

5. Anti-malarial action

Many scientific studies have shown that not only Akuamma seeds, but its fruits as well as barks have anti-malarial properties. Akuamma seeds are considered a potential antimalarial drug due to the presence of two alkaloids: akuammine and alstonine.

6. Anti-diabetic

Akuamma seeds have anti-diabetic properties as well. They work like insulin and reduce the plasma levels of glucose. If you are diabetic and want to cure it with the help of natural remedies and diet, then Akuamma seeds could prove helpful to you.

7. Anti-inflammatory Action

Akuamma seeds reduce pain and swelling and help in quick healing by preventing the release of inflammatory markers and cytokines at the site of injury, all without the need for any medicine.

8. Anti-Pyretic

In viral infections, pyrexia or fever is a common finding. So whenever you are suffering from fever, you can use Akuamma seeds instead of synthetic medicines. 

9. Antidiarrheal

Akuamma seeds help in conditions like diarrhea and inflammatory bowel disease. This is done by reducing the peristaltic movements of the intestines by some of the alkaloids present in the Akuamma seeds.

10. Anti-Oxidant

Akuamma seeds have an anti-oxidant mechanism that helps in eradicating the free radicals present in the body which are very harmful to us. We can say that Akuamma seeds protect our bodies.

11. Ulcer Prevention

By reducing the secretion of extra amounts of acid and pepsin, Akuamma seeds increase the much-protective barrier in the stomach and the duodenum which helps in the digestion of proteins.

12. Mood Booster

Akuamma seeds powder helps you to act positively and to be more optimistic by reduces your worries and stress. It also combats your anxiety and depression.

Helps In Opioid, Alcohol or Heroin Withdrawal

If you want to get rid of addiction such as those alcohol, or opioids, or heroin, or any other addiction, then Akuamma seeds can help you in rehabilitation as it provides stimulating and energizing effects on your brain.

Negative Effects of Akuamma seeds:

1. Bitter taste

People who have used Akuamma seeds have always complained about their bitter taste. Some even said that it is the worst thing that you could ever taste. However, there are certain ways to make the Akuamma seeds a little less bitter. You can take it in a capsule form by grinding it and adding turmeric powder, or you can also mix it in tea wherein you can add some sweetener or take it with lemon juice. Many people have felt nauseous and even vomited after taking the seeds directly.

2. Headache

If you take Akuamma seeds in doses larger than 2 grams, then you might suffer from possible headaches. Usually, such a heavy dose will sedate you and induce sleep but will cause headaches in case it fails to do so.

3. Hepatotoxic Effects Of Akuamma

When not taken in a proper dose, Akuamma seeds can have hepatotoxic effects which can cause hepatocellular damage.

4. Hyperkalemic and Hypernatremic Effects

Your body might experience a slight increase in sodium and potassium levels in the plasma which disturbs the ion regulation in blood plasma. However, the increase is not significant enough to cause problems. 


Akuamma seeds have a very important medicinal use. These are helpful in various diseases. If you suffer from any of the above-listed problems, then you can count on Akuamma seeds to cure them. However, ensure that you take the seeds in a proper dose, or you may suffer from its negative effects. Follow our page for more such latest guides.

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