How do I know if I need my drains to be cleaned or cleared?

A blocked drain continues to be one of the common plumbing woes that homeowners have to face often. It could lead to a number of problems, including foul odours, water backup and slow draining speed. Experienced plumbers can clear a blocked drain quickly and efficiently, without any risk of damaging the drainpipe. Depending on the issue, a plumber would either clean your drain or just clear it.

What does clearing a blocked drain Sydney involve?

Drain clearing refers to the process of pushing out or breaking down the clog using specialised plumbing equipment. Here is how it works:

  • The plumber would use a drain snake, which consists of a heavy-duty cable with metal blades attached to an end.
  • Upon inserting it into the drainpipe, the snake would push forwards until it comes across the obstruction.
  • Powered by a motor, the blades would now spin at a high speed and break through the clog. Normal water flow should resume immediately.

What is drain cleaning?

Drain cleaning involves the removal of clogs and grease build-ups that are otherwise hard to get rid of. 

  • To carry out a drain cleaning, plumbers use the hydro-jetting technique. The equipment consists of a special hose with a nozzle to force out water at an extremely high pressure.
  • The plumbers would first use a sophisticated drain camera to carry out an inspection of the drainpipe and detect major clogs.
  • Once they have located the clogs, they would insert the hose into the drain and turn on the high-pressure water jet.
  • The force of the jet would remove even the toughest clogs, washing them all down the drain. This should get the drainpipe completely clean.

Drain clearing vs. drain cleaning: What’s the best way to fix a blocked drain Sydney?

Both methods have their own merits and demerits, and you would have to choose based on the situation. Here are a few things to take into consideration:

  1. Effectiveness: Hydro-jetting a drain is definitely more thorough and effective than using a drain snake, and can get rid of stubborn grease build-ups.
  2. Cost: Drain cleaning is also the more expensive method between the two, as it requires more complex equipment and digital inspections using the drain camera.
  3. Risks: Clearing a drain using an auger may leave behind debris that could clog the drain again in the future. However, old plumbing systems with fragile pipes are prone to damage from hydro jetting.

Hence, drain clearing is a quicker, simpler and cheaper way to fix a clogged drain. On the other hand, drain cleaning offers a relatively long-term solution as it is more thorough and removes grease build-ups completely. In some cases, Sydney plumbers first carry out a drain cleaning and then hydro-jet the drain to wash away the debris left behind. 

It would be wise to get a professional to take a look at your drain and recommend the best solution. They would take all factors into consideration, including the type of clog and the condition of the drain pipes. Rest assured that experienced plumbers can fix a clogged drain as safely and efficiently as possible.

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