10 Best High Protein Vegetarian Diet Food For Building Blocks & Body

It is not necessary if a person is not eating meat in his/her diet may deprived of protein or a person may shift from vegetarian diet to non vegetarian diet to meet the protein requirement.

It is surprised to know that some foods are present in the vegetarian diet which will fulfill the person requirement for protein. Plant based protein are healthier than animal based and easy to digest also.

High Protein Vegetarian Diet

It is recommended that adult male required 63 grams of protein and adult female require 52 gram of protein per day.

Top 10 High Protein Vegetarian Diet Food

Here is a list of protein sources in vegetarian diet

1. Soy Milk

Soy milk is a plant milk produced by soaking soybeans in the water and then grinding.It is a non dairy milk can be produced at small scale also. Soy milk has different taste compared to cow’s milk.

Nutritionally it is a complete protein.It is also used to children who are suffering from lactose intolerance problems.100 grams of soy milk has 3.3 grams of protein.Person who don’t consumed cow’s milk can used soy milk.

2. Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is rich in protein as well as calcium also.Both protein and calcium is required for body.Calcium is required for bones and protein for muscle mass.

Cottage cheese is also low fat and can be used in any form.Simple way is to use in vegetables ,combine with salads, fruits.

3. Peanut butter

A cup of peanut butter will provide 64.7 grams of protein or 2 tablespoon of peanut butter has 7 grams of protein. Peanut butter is added in a protein shakes or smoothies for flavor.Peanut butter can spread on the breads also.

Peanut butter is a energy booster, aid in weight lose,rich in fiber, potassium and contains healthy fat. Protein is good for building and repairing muscles.

Peanut butter is helpful in improving heart health.

4. Greek Yogurt

Yogurt is another rich source of complete protein.One cup of greek yogurt provides 11 grams of protein in a day.

Greek yogurt is rich in probiotics, B12, Potassium, and calcium. Greek yogurt improve our digestion.

Greek yogurt can be with number of food items like with fruits, vegetables ,in puddings and many more.

How to prepare greek yogurt 

To make greek yogurt ,regular yogurt is strained extensively to remove liquid whey and lactose leaving behind a thicker textured yogurt.

5. Spirulina

Spirulina is 65-70 percent complete protein.It is an excellent source of amino acids and minerals which is required for our body.

Spirulina gives a lot of health benefits in digestion,boost up one’s energy,improve immune system,it is a natural detoxifier.Spirulina is a natural appetite suppressant and has strong anti oxidants.

Spirulina can be used in the day to day food items, it can be in co operated with puddings, chapatis, vegetables,salads and many more food items.

6. Lentils and beans

Lentils and beans are rich source of protein as well as rich in fibers ,iron, zinc, Vitamin B, .Lentils and beans gives 15 grams of protein per day.

They can be used in any form like sprouts ,vegetables etc.Lentils and beans are easy to reach.

7. Whole wheat bread

Whole white bread are good for health as well as good source of protein ,they are basic part of a main course of meal and add taste to food.

46 grams of whole wheat bread gives 4 grams of protein.Whole wheat bread helps in reducing weight ,because it is rich in fibers.Decrease the risk of developing diabetes and heart problems.

8. Tofu

Nutritional content of tofu is 150 grams of tofu gives 11 grams of protein in addition to magnesium and iron.

Tofu is nothing but it is soy product it is good for health.Tofu can be added in a food to add on the taste.It is a healthy choice for obtaining tofu in the diet.

9. Hemp

Hemp seed are nutritionally rich source of protein,vitamin E, magnesium, iron, zinc, sulfur, potassium, sodium calcium.

Hemp is the product for the person who are allergic to soy based product.Hemp seeds provides essential amino acids that the body uses to build up muscles, reduces the risk for heart diseases, digestion, boost up immune system,and skin care.

Nutritional content of hemp seeds are 30 of hemp seeds provides 11 grams of protein.

Hemp seeds are used in variety of food products and its oil is used in cooking.

10. Almonds 

Almonds provide monounsaturated fats which is good for heart problems. It can be added in a number of food items and add flavor to the food.

6 grams of protein is provided by a handful of almonds.

These are some protein rich vegetarian foods that you can consume to get your daily requirement of protein.

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