22 Amazing Health Benefits of Dry Amla To Get Rid Of Skin Hair Problems

Dry amla is also known as Indian gooseberry, it is rich in nutrition. Amla keeps you at the top of the health. You get maximum of the health benefits when you eat it or drink it, it is also good if apply topically on the skin or hairs. Amla is packed with the vitamin C, anti oxidants, anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties, calcium and phosphorus.

dry amla

Dry Amla Benefits

Some of the dry amla benefits are:

1 Reduces cholesterol

Amla reduces the clogging in the arteries by increasing the good cholesterol or HDL. Amla also prevents the thickening of the blood vessels. Amla reduces the risk of the heart disease.

2 Increases metabolic activity

Amla increases the metabolic activity by the absorption of iron. Metabolic activity increases with how fast the body burns the calories. Amla increases the lean body mass with high level of energy it also helps in weight reduction. Protein are an essential part of our body metabolic activities,protein is necessary for cellular growth,muscle development ,organ health and other metabolic activity.

3 High in digestive fiber

Amls contains high amount of the fiber and water. Both are necessary for the bowel movement.Thus amla prevents constipation and good for the entire digestive system. Fiber and water is necessary for the secretion of gastric and digestive juices. Amla also gives gastric relief.

4 Prevents graying of hairs

Amla reduces the graying of the hairs and retain the natural color of the hairs when applied to the scalp directly.It provides nourishment to the hairs and scalp and helps in the regrowth of the hairs.

5 Make skin glowing and shinny

Amla is a packet of the anti oxidants,vitamins and enzymes.It gives smooth and exfoliate skin to the population. Amla can be used topically and can eaten or drink juice of it.

It also reduces the pigmentation when mixed with the ant fruit mask or face pack.

6 Beneficial for hair

Amla is used in the hair tonic also.It gives strengthen to the roots of the hairs and maintain natural color of the hair.

7 Purifies blood

Amla is rich in the iron and vitamin C it works as a blood purifier.It increases the haemoglobin and red blood cell.

8 Beneficial for diabetes

Amla is a rich source of the polyphenol which protect the body from the oxidative nature of high blood sugar. Amla supports the body in proper absorption of the insulin and helps in reducing the blood sugar level. Amla has therapeutic role in controlling the blood sugar level.

9 Weight lose

Everyone is health conscious and specially about their weight.It has been proven that amla juice helps in the reduction of the fat content with in the body. Amla increase metabolic activity of the body by increasing metabolic process of food which results in the decrease in food deposition with in the body.Hence there is weight reduction.

10 Eye care

Amla is good for the eye.It helps in curing watery eyes,sore eyes and itchy eyes. Amla improves eyesight ,cataracts, while reducing intra ocular tension.This is because of the content of carotene in the amla which is useful in vision related conditions. Amla reduces night blindness, macular degeneration and age related degeneration.

11 Anti ageing

Amla is rich in anti oxidants that is why helps in reducing the free radicals ,free radicals are responsible in damaging protein ,DNA and cell membrane.Thus reducing the ageing process.

12 Improves immunity

Amla has anti oxidants  and vitamins.It helps in fighting against with free radicals and boost up the immunity.

13 Relief from menstrual problem

Every women encounter menstrual cramps in a month.Vitamin and mineral present in the amla is useful in the treatment of menstrual cramps.

14 Anemia

Amla is rich in iron that is efficient to improve iron level with in the blood and helps in the prevention of anemia.

15 Fights acidity

Amla is an anti inflammatory that is why it reduces the level of acid in the stomach.It also helps in keeping the liver healthy by flushing out the toxin from the body.Eating too much of sweet,sour as well as spicy and oily foodstuff leads to acidity amla helps in the prevention of the acidity.

16 Dealing with blood pressure

High cholesterol gets gathered with in the blood vessels leading to heart attacks.Vitamin C with in amla helps in dilating the bloodstream and decrease the blood pressure.

17 Fight against cancer

Amla is rich in anti oxidants which has medically good , it fight against the free radicals and reduces cell damage and helps in the prevention of the cancer.

18 Reduces cough

Amla fight with the bacteria causing cough and sore throat.Amla is mixed with the ginger or its juice with honey is helpful in reducing the cough and sore throat.

19 Boost urinary system

Amla has a diuretic property and increase the frequency and volume of the urine which releases out the toxin,salts,uric acids from the body. Amla is a detoxify the body.

20 Prevents gall bladder stones

Amla contains vitamin C which is helpful in converting cholesterol in to bile in the liver.Cholesterol is the cause for the gall bladder stones.Consumption of the amla in  routine reduces the chances of a build up of cholesterol as well as gall stones.It improves the functioning of the gall bladder and maintain good health.

21 Healthy bones

Amla is also rich in calcium and gives strengthen to the bones,teeth and nails  and responsible for lowering osteoclasts. Amla helps the body in the absoption of calcium in a positive way.

22 Anti bacterial activity

Amla prevents the infections like jaundice and scurvy because it has anti bacterial activity which fight against bacteria.It also prevents ulcers by reducing the acidity level in the body which are the cause for the formation of the ulcers.

Mouth ulcers is due to the deficiency of the vitamin C but amla is a rich source of the vitamin C so they prevent the growth of the ulcers in the mouth.

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