11 Best & Amazing Sources of Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) Rich Foods In Diet

Vitamin B 12 is also known as Cobalamin. Vitamin B12 is a water soluble vitamin that keeps your nerves and red blood cell healthy. Vitamin B 12 is responsible for the smooth functioning of several critical body processes. Vitamin B12 is only found in animal foods like meat, fish, dairy eggs and some of the fortified foods also.

pic source : https://healthiplus.com/10-super-sources-of-vitamin-b12/
pic source : https://healthiplus.com/10-super-sources-of-vitamin-b12/

Deficiency of vitamin B12 will cause anemia, fatigue, mania and depression and sometimes if a deficiency of vitamin B 12 exceeds it may cause permanent damage to brain and nervous system. If a person is vegetarian and his/ her body is deprived of vitamin B 12 then the person need not to shift to non vegetarian diet now there is fortified foods available in the market so that they can consume it.

The recommended daily allowance for vitamin B 12 is 2.4 μg.

Now there is a list of food which are available and rich in vitamin B 12 in our diet, Vitamin B 12 Indian rich foods, how to get vitamin B 12 naturally.

Best Sources Of Vitamin B12

1. Shellfish

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Shellfish is the most top source for the vitamin B 12. Cooked form or raw form ,it is also rich source of the potassium. Nutritional content of 100 grams of shellfish is 98.9μg.

2. Beef

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Beef is also another good source of the vitamin B 12 and it is also good source of the vitamin A. Nutritional content of 100 grams of beef is 19μg.

3. Crab

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Nutritional content of 100 grams of crab is 11.5μg.

4. Fortified soy product(tofu)

Fortified soy product(tofu)
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Fortified soy product is another option of having vitamin B 12 in there diet if they are not fond of eating non vegetarian diet. Nutritional content of 100 grams of fortified soy products is 2.4μg.

5. Fortified cereals

Fortified cereals
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Nutritional content of 100 grams of fortified cereals is 20μg.


6. Cheese

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Vitamin B12  is present in the cheese in maximum amount and it also contains calcium, phosphorus,zinc, vitamin A and protein.

Nutritional content of 100 grams of cheese Swiss is 3.34 micro gram.

7. Yogurt

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Yogurt is also an animal product which is made out of fermented milk.It has a different taste compared to milk.Yogurt is good for the gut it is a probiotic and contains bacteria lactobacilli Nutritional content of 100 grams of yogurt is 0.37 micro gram.

8. Whey powder

Whey powder
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Whey powder is a type of milk protein available in powder form.Nutritional content of 100 grams of whey powder is 2.5 micro grams.

Whey powder can be added in any type of juice, shakes , pudding and increases the nutritional value of the food.

9. Milk

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Milk is an another animal product which is rich in vitamin B 12.Milk provides lot of nutrients calcium, protein, essential amino acids which is required for our body.

Nutritional content of 100 grams of egg is 0.53 micro grams.

10. Eggs

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Eggs are nutritionally high in vitamin B 12.Egg can be eaten as raw form or in omelette form.

Nutritional content of 17 grams of egg is 0.33 micro grams.

11. Yeast extract spreads

Yeast extract spreads
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Yeast extract spreads are also good source of vitamin B 12. Nutritional content of 100 grams of egg is 0.5 micro grams.

Now after reading this articles you can select the foods which you want to eat and which is best source of vitamin B12 in your diet.

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