Why Roller Skating is Great Exercise

When you think of roller skating, an image of a bikini-clad young woman rolling along the boardwalks and beachside pathways of California probably springs to mind. I mean, that is what we see in popular culture, isn’t it? In reality, roller skating – or roller derby – can be done anywhere, even around your local area… you don’t need to be in a glamorous and sunny place to participate (although it does help!) and not only is it a fun activity, it offers lots of health benefits.


Roller skating is great exercise and we would encourage everybody to get involved. It’s not just for children; it is, in fact, geared more towards adults! Ladies, strap on a pair roller skates for women and take to the streets to take advantage of these fantastic health benefits.

#1: It Works the Joints

Roller skating keeps a fluid motion going within your joints and reduces the risk of them being damaged in the long-term. When you are roller skating, you can enjoy all of the benefits which come with running, dancing or jogging, without suffering from the hard impact associated with these sports, which can cause long-term complications for some people. Roller skating has the same benefits as running or jogging, only without the joint-related injuries and problems.

#2: It Burns a Lot of Calories

An average-sized person can expect to burn around 8-12 calories per minute whilst roller skating, which is a lot! The calorie-burning benefits associated with roller skating can very quickly accumulate, with a full hour’s worth of skating burning anywhere between 300 and 600 calories! If you skate with lots of energy and really put effort in, you will reap the benefits.

#3: It Improves Balance & Coordination

Because you have to balance on your skates, extended periods of roller skating help improve your general balance and coordination by strengthening the muscles in your abdomen and lower back. It also works your core, as you must use it to keep yourself upright.

#4: It Works Arms & Legs

The primary muscles roller skating tones and strengthens are in your arms and legs, as skating works the glutes, arms and legs as you power yourself through various different movements and manoeuvres. Roller skating is a great way for you to build strength, especially in the legs, and it is a lot of fun too.

#5: It Improves Endurance

Roller skating helps improve your muscle endurance, especially when you begin to add stuff such as uphill climbs and tricks to your skating routine. It also trains you to use your body’s stores of energy more efficiently, meaning your general stamina rises alongside your muscle endurance, allowing you to skate for longer periods of time over longer distances without tiring as quickly.

Roller skating is a great activity for anybody who wants to brush up on their health and general exercise whilst participating in something which is fun and engaging. Roller skating gives your body a complete workout, improves stamina and endurance, and keeps the weight off all at the same time.

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