What Is the Golden Ratio of a Perfect Face?

The global market for beauty is currently worth over 400 billion dollars. A lot of us care about our appearance!

But have you ever tried using numbers to quantify beauty? That’s where the golden ratio comes in.

Read on to find out what is the golden ratio of the perfect face.

What Is the Golden Ratio?

The golden ratio, often denoted by the Greek letter Phi, is a mathematical ratio that basically comes out to 1.618. It is an irrational number. That means that it cannot be expressed as a simple fraction.

The golden ratio has been studied and appreciated for centuries and is believed to exhibit a sense of aesthetic harmony and balance. It appears in various natural and man-made phenomena, such as art, architecture, design, and even in the proportions of the human body.

The golden ratio dates back at least to ancient Greece. Greek mathematicians studied its properties. Euclid is believed to be the first to define the golden ratio, in his work Elements.

Applying to Golden Ratio to Faces

Some theories suggest that certain facial features and general face proportions should align with the golden ratio to create a visually pleasing appearance.

The height and width of a person’s face is one example where the golden ratio can be applied. These distances make up your face shape. It can also be applied to the distance and placement of different features on your face. For instance, your hairline and your eyelid should be separated by 1.618 times that distance. Your lips and your nose should also be placed that distance apart. 

You can also use the golden ratio to measure the volume of your lips. The lower lip should have slightly more value, so in this case, the golden ratio is applied as 1:1.6.

While the golden ratio has been associated with beauty ideals in various fields, including art and architecture, its direct application to human beauty is controversial.

Facial attractiveness and beauty vary significantly across different cultures and individuals, and there is no single mathematical formula or ratio that can universally define or quantify beauty. So don’t take the golden ratio as gospel. If your face doesn’t meet its standards, but you like how you look, just don’t worry about it!

But, if you are interested in different beauty standards, the golden ratio is a place to start. And if you want to make your face more symmetrical, there are options for you.

You can always change your face structure to adjust the ratio. Look into the chin implant cost and see if you can afford the investment.

Golden Ratio For Faces: Now You Know

Now that you know, ‘what is the golden ratio?’ you’ll be able to use it in lots of different areas of your life – not just when it comes to your face. 

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