What is the Best Way to Clean Your Hands?

Hands are the most used limbs of our body. It is used to do each and every work related to our body. Starting from eating food to wearing clothes, hands are the most used organ of the body. You can’t even imagine a person without hands can live a peaceful and productive life. It is the limb to be used in each and every work of our life, so you need to keep it clean so that you can stay safe from the external hazards to get into your body systems. Your hands can be the easiest way for the foreign particles and pathogens to get admission to your systems and make you ill. This is why you need to keep your hands clean so that you can take food with them without any worry.

How to Keep the Hands Clean?

There are several ways to keep your hands clean. First of all, you need to maintain a good level of personal hygiene so that you can keep both of your hands clean. You should not touch any random thing where there is a possibility of being infected. You need to cut off your grown nails so that dirt and microorganisms don’t make it their shelter. If you will not shape your nails properly, then there are possibilities that the pathogens will breed there and will make you infected. 

Secondly, you have to clean your hands with water properly. There are many chemicals by which you can keep your hands clean from the germs. If you don’t have soap available near your hands, you can use fresh ash to clean your hands. Otherwise, a good antiseptic soap is enough to clean your hands. Nowadays there are hand sanitizers which allow you to disinfect your hands even without water. They can be carried in your small baggage but are very useful to stay away from the germs.

Easily Available Chemicals for Hand Sanitization

Most of the time you get confused to choose the best hand sanitizers which will be good in terms of protection as well as the budget. For the people who look for hand sanitizers, it is important to know that there are mainly two types of hand sanitizers. One is water-based which helps you to wash your hands and the other one is the alcohol-based hand sanitizers where you don’t need to use water to clean and disinfect your hands.

Alcohols are being used as sanitizers for many years. It helps to get the germs dead at the place of its application. The alcohol-based hand sanitizers are made with the combination of isopropyl alcohol, ethanol along with propanol. The hand sanitizers containing more than 60 to 90% of alcohol is the best for hand wash.

The Best Hand Sanitizers Used for Hand Washing

There are many types of hand washes and sanitizers that are used to wash hands. But among all of them, there are some specific names which are the masters of this wand wash job. From killing the microbes which are potential pathogens to get a good smell in your hands, hand sanitizers are the number one choice for most people. You have to wash your hands for more than 20 seconds causes’ death of almost 99% of germs. Here are some names and properties of hand sanitizers that are considered as the best ones in the market.

  • Purell

The hand sanitizer is made of more than 60% ethyl alcohol along with germ-killing properties which almost kills more than 99% germs at one stroke. Purell is one of the leading brands of hand sanitizers in the market and thus it enjoys a huge market share. It doesn’t contain any kind of artificial medications to make your hands germ free. It is also usable by people who have sensitive skin and never cause any kind of irritation.

  • Pharma C

There are some other forms of hand sanitizers too which helps to make your hand’s germs free. There is the Pharma C hand wipe which is nothing but a hand wipe that contains sanitizers in it. During the time when flu and cold get prevalent, this one is really helpful for the users to prevent these germs from getting into your body. The wipes are around 5.5 inches x 7 inches which is a good measurement to wipe your hands. It also has a good amount of isopropyl alcohol that cleanses your hands at the same time disinfects too. This wipe is available in a container with a lid so that the wipes stay wet inside. You can directly use your hands to eat foods or to touch babies after you wash your hands with this wipe.

  • Highmark Advanced

One of the most popular hand sanitizers in the market is the advanced hand sanitizers of High Mark which is available in the market with an aloe effect. This product contains almost 40% of alcohol which is good enough to kill all the germs in your hands. Mostly the hand sanitizers are harsh on the skin, but as this one is rich in aloe Vera and vitamin E, this can keep your hands clean and smooth. Moreover, the cost of this is not very high which attracts the customers to it more and more.

  • Equate

If you are in a stage of worry about the costs of the hand washes, then you should use the Equate hand washes which kill more than 99% germs from your hands as well as don’t disturb your wallet too much. This hand sanitizer contains more than 60% alcohol which is a considerable amount to kill germs. This also contains aloe extracts that keep the skin soft and moisturized so that the germs don’t get any easy way to get in. the best part of this hand sanitizer is that it is budget-friendly and doesn’t put any pressure on your wallet if you have made up your mind to buy a bottle of it.

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