50 Unique Gemini Tattoo Designs With Meaning For Men & Women

Gemini is an another Zodiac sign which is connected with the people who was born in between 21 may to 21 June. Gemini people are generally connected with the positive manners, creative, soft spoken, witty, humorous, adjustable, versatile and cool ideas, Gemini tattoo design is suitable for both men and women which can be black and white and colored.

The sign of the Gemini is associated with the Greek God Hermes and other two Greek God Apollo and Artemis. People belonging to this zodiac sign they need spice in their life. Gemini tattoo design is colorful with the fishes, twin females or the sign and symbol of it.

Among all the tattoo design Gemini twin fish tattoo design is very popular, as it seems to have good luck and a successful person. Gemini tattoo design on chest, shoulder, ribs, finger, foot, are very common even Gemini tattoo design with butterfly, Tribal Gemini tattoo design, Chinese Gemini tattoo design, Angel devil Gemini tattoo design.

twin girl gemini tattoo

Gemini Tattoo Design With Their Meaning For Men And Women

Tattoo design speaks a lot for the person nature and depict the personality and sometimes it shows the feeling and status of a person with full of the emotions. This star sign has a quality that is mutable with a positive charge, the person will have a heart that is smitten and a mind that is secretly wandering. Here we are sharing the various collection of the Gemini tattoo design.

gemini tattoo for girls

 Gemini Twin Fish Tattoo Design

The pair of the identical fish on your body depicts your courage and will power to achieve your goals. It does not mean you are lack in your creativity but inspires you by flaunting your beliefs.

Gemini Fish Tattoos gemini twin tattoo design art

Gemini Twin Face Tattoo Design On Back

This tattoo shows the union of the two different person and forwarding the message in voluminous way, Sign of the Gemini tattoo with the two faces implement the nuture of the person.

gemini tattoo designs with face

Gemini Tattoo Design Symbol

This tattoo design can be inked on both men and women and it look awesome on the back of the body with bold to light shades in black. This tattoo design represents the person nature of loving.

zodiac gemini tattoo on upper back

Twin Sister Gemini Tattoo Design

Twin sister Gemini tattoo design makes the ultra-feminine side of the Gemini twins come alive on your skin. This is the girly tattoo and most of the girls like it.

sun sign of the gemini tattoo design

Twin Sister Gemini Tattoo Design With Symbol

This twin tattoo of Gemini is for the feminine and generally inked by the girls only. This pretty twin tattoo elaborate detailing and sharing love between two sisters, it is an unforgettable and leaves a good impression on others.

twin gemini tattoo design gemini tattoo ideas

Gemini Tattoo Design With Snake

This tattoo design will indicate the person is very dangerous and angry with little bit of the patience, actually this tattoo design is made for the men only who had masculine body.

snake gemini tattoo

Butterfly Gemini Tattoo Design

Gemini tattoo design in between the two butterfly of different shades. This is a feminine tattoo design.

butterfly gemini tattoo

3D Gemini Tattoo Design

This is the most common 3D Gemini tattoo design which can be inked on any part of the body. It is an amazing tattoo which reflect the reality of the life.

graceful gemini tattoo

Half Moon Gemini Tattoo Design

This half moon Gemini tattoo design inked on the body with the beautiful combination of the colors, this tattoo is very attractive and the outline with the black took focus of the others. This represent the artistic nature of the person.

half moon gemini tattoo design

Sparkling Gemini Tattoo Design

This tattoo represents the star is born and there is a bright light in the universe and also represent the shinning point in the life. It is a celebrating a Gemini birth.

gemini tattoo with stars

Wrist Gemini Tattoo Design

Wrist Gemini tattoo design with feather indicates that the person wants to fly in the air with no boundaries and  crossing over the all obstacles, this person is optimistic in the life.

gemini tattoo with wings in wrist

Leg Gemini Tattoo Design

This blue Gemini tattoo design on the body indicates the social, adaptive and determined nature of the person. This tattoo can be inked on any part of the body like wrist, neck, shoulders and legs.

sparkling gemini tattoo design

Gemini Tattoo Design With Colorful Butterfly

Person is very artistic and likes the color of the life in any type of the situation in the life.

colorful butterfly gemini tattoo design

Skull Gemini Tattoo Design

This tattoo is very funky and those who bear this tattoo are jolly in their nature and try something new in their life.

head skull gemini tattoo design

Blue & Orange Flames Gemini Tattoo Design

flames gemini tattoo design

Green Gemini Tattoo Design

green gemini tattoo dsign

Twin Gemini Tattoo Design Symbol 

The miniature tattoo says that the person is stylish and they keep it small and go for the classic black. Those who want to keep their ink hidden under their clothes. This miniature tattoo is simple and subtle, both men and women can inked it on the body.

black twin gemini tattoo design

Waist Line Gemini Tattoo Design

twinkling stars gemini tattoo design

Forearm Gemini Tattoo Design

gemini tattoo art design with lots of hands

 Gemini Tattoo Design Back Of Ear 

neck gemini tattoo design

Shoulder Gemini Tattoo Design

gemini tattoo design on forearm

Gemini Tattoo Design On Back 

symbol of the gemini tattoo design

Rough Gemini Tattoo Design

gemini tattoo design for men

Ankle Gemini Tattoo Design

wings ofthe gemini tattoo design

Sleeveless Gemini Tattoo Design

sleeveless gemini tattoo design

Arrow Gemini Tattoo Design

gemini tattoo design on lower back

Gemini Tattoo Design Art 

gemini symbol tattoo design

Half Moon Gemini Tattoo Design

Such type of the tattoo design reflect the creativity of the person and bold design with half moon looks fab when inked on the body.

half moon gemini tattoo design

Black Bold Gemini Tattoo Design

bold and black gemini tattoo design

Name & Date Gemini Tattoo Design

Few of the person like to ink the date and name with the tattoo so that they can show their love towards the opposite person.

gemini tattoo design for girls

Colorful Gemini Tattoo Design

bright stars of gemini tattoo design

Dragon Gemini Tattoo Design

gemini tattoo sign

Gemini Tattoo Design On Back Of Neck 

lotus gemini tattoo symbol

Angel Gemini Tattoo Design

This tattoo represents the angel and devil conversation, the balance of the two forces that make up this reality. If you have no fear, be yourself and bare your soul.

angel fish gemini tattoo

Girly Gemini Tattoo Design 

black fish gemini tattoo

Gemini Tattoo Design For Men

behind ear gemini tatto design

Gemini Tattoo Design For Girl

This tattoo design indicates the curious, passionate and crazy nature of the person. Sign of the Gemini with the flower surrounded shows the warm feeling and celebrates the happy moments of the life. This tattoo can be designed on the neck, wrist, ankle and back.

blossoms gemini tattoo design

Gemini Tattoo Design Art

gemini tattoo with date

Gemini Tattoo Design On Shoulder

gemini tattoo for girls

Constellation Gemini Tattoo Design

Constellation Gemini tattoo design can be inked on any part of the body but it will look fab on the forearms, thighs, wrist, neck and behind the ear. This reflects your faith in the movement of the stars.

gemini constellation tattoo design

Bold Gemini Tattoo Design

foot gemini tattoo design

Blue Gemini Tattoo Design

Beautiful combination of the blue, green and black color in the Gemini tattoo design on the wrist will determined the dynamic personality of the person.

blue green gemini tatto design

Gemini Tattoo Design On Calf 

Rose on the Gemini tattoo design shows the person creativity and love towards the nature of the god.

gemini flower tattoo design

Gemini Tattoo Design On Foot 

cute gemini tatto design

Lip Gemini Tattoo Design

lip gemini tattoo design

Black & White Gemini Tattoo Design

This bold design of the Gemini tattoo can be inked on the back, wrist, thigh and chest so that it will indicates that you are a born Gemini.

symbol of the geminitattoo design

Guys hopefully you have enjoyed in reading and watching the Gemini tattoo design on your body part. Tattoo speaks a lot about your personality and character. Different style of the Gemini tattoo design on chest, arms, butterfly with beautiful colors and we will soon upgrade the tattoo design for you.

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