Top 7 Most Beautifully Animated Slot Games

We all love to play games at any age of our life. Like me, everyone always plays games when they feel bored or less enthusiastic in their daily life. 

Here is the list of the best online slots games which you should try if you love to play over the internet. 

1. Game of Thrones Slot Game

Game of Thrones is one of the best slots games developed by Microgaming. The game was first launched by Microgaming in 2014.

Game of Thrones Overview 

  • Game Developer- Micro Gaming
  • Return to Players-  96.4%
  • Game Release- 10.12.2014
  • Game Variance- Medium
  • Devices- Desktop, Teblet, Mobiles

Game of Thrones Game

This game has 5 Reels and 3 slots with 15 playlines. The Game of Thrones slot is included with several bonuses like when you land on the Scatter point more than once you will get rewarded with the cash prizes and Once you reach the three Scatter continuously you will get the free spin feature unlocked. 

This game is even more profitable for you depending on the family you choose, once you start playing the game, you will win multiple free spins and cash prices.

Game of Thrones Review 

Game of Thrones slots game is available with multiple benefits to the players, it has given the free spin features, which i think the best feature this game has. You can play this game Online and enjoy the advantages of the game. 

The game is designed very well by the developers. Even the background music played with the game also covers the nice effect in the game.   

But the players are also a bit disappointed with the game, they probably assume the more better options or animations in the game, that’s why the game was not hit the market very properly.

2. Blood Suckers 2 Slot Game

Blood Suckers 2 Overview

  • Game Developer- NetEnt
  • Return to Players-  96.4%
  • Game Release- 25.02.2017
  • Game Variance- Low
  • Devices- Desktop, Teblet, Mobiles

Blood Sucker 2 Game

Blood Sucker Slot game is with 5 Reels and 25 paylines. The game was developed by the Super developers of slots named NetEnt. NetEnt designed the series animated vampires in this game which inturn increases the player’s interest also.

Blood Suckers has Low Playing symbols like club, hearts, diamond, spade. NetEnt has also added some special features like bonus features and Scatter where Amilia will shoot to grab the scatter of 3rd Arrow for awards like free spin or bonus. 

You can also enjoy the hidden treasure feature once you hit at least three golden doors.   

You can also get the free spin when you land on Scatter three times.

Blood Suckers Slots Game Review

Blood Suckers 2 game is preferred by many slots Players, here the Return to Players is somewhat smaller than the Blood Suckers one.  Blood suckers also have many interesting features like scatter which generally occur randomly in the main playlines. 

The only thing which the viewers suspect is the requirement of one male character, once they add the animated male character the game reaches new heights. 

3. Mega Joker Slot Game

Mega Joker slot is the best NetEnt slot, the game has a great RTP of 95%. Which I think is a very tough competition for the other slots available in the market. 

Mega Joker Overview

  • Game Developer- NetEnt
  • Return to Players-  99.0%
  • Game Release- 01.10.2013
  • Game Variance- Low
  • Devices- Desktop, Teblet, Mobiles

Mega Joker Game

This game is one of famous slots which has 5 lines of coins slots with 2 sets of 3 rows.

The players can also enjoy the progressive jackpot, which generally comes randomly to any players. 

With the 99% return the players always try to grab the benefits whatever they can. 

Mega Joker slots have two different modes, which a user can enjoy while playing. These modes are regular modes and super mode. 

Mega Joker Slots Game Review

Mega Joker is the best game developed by NetEnt. NetEnt focuses on the player interest, they always give the best from the list to the users. 

The designers of the game make it feel like a gorgies heavy slot machine placed in front of you with the best designed infographics included.  You will never get upset with this slot game.

4. Cash of Kingdoms Slot Game

Cash of kingdoms is the coolest slot game produced by the slingshot, It was developed in 2018. 

Cash of Kingdoms Overview

  • Game Developer- SlingShot Studies
  • Return to Players-  96.28 %
  • Game Release-  10.10.2018
  • Game Variance- Low
  • Devices- Desktop, Teblet, Mobiles

Cash of Kingdoms Game

Why do we call the game cool because of its coolest characters, this microgaming and slingshot game has 5 different characters which look very similar to many cartoon characters in the online games. 

This slot has 5 reels and 3 rows with different 15 playlines, these paky lines also have the wilds features. This Wilds feature will work as a multiplier in the game, it helps to get the multiple coins satake. 

The RTP rate is also pretty much impressive than the other slots. The people love to play this slot for their entertainment and earning.

Cash of Kingdoms Slot Game Review

This medieval game also takes the player into the medieval period where the fighters fight each other to win the war.  

The Free spin feature of this game also benefits you to get more stack.

The only thing for which the game did not cross the boundaries is, it sometimes bored the players because the players needed more animation and innovation in the slot game. 

5. The Nutcrackers Slot Game

The Nutcrackers slot game is the best rated game developed by iSoftBet in 2018. This amazing game has many interesting characters which gives an attentive power to this game. 

The Nutcrackers Overview

  • Game Developer- iSoftBet
  • Return to Players-  95.98 %
  • Game Release-  29.11.2018
  • Game Variance- Medium-High
  • Devices- Desktop, Teblet, Mobiles

The Nutcrackers Game

The Nutcrackers slot has 20 different paylines, 5 Reel and 2 more free spins which come in different rounds, here you can get the multiple benefits while playing. 

 This amazing slot has wild features like free spin and Multiplier, Scatter and many more. In this Slot machine you will feel more better than any other slot. 

The design of this slot game is very impressive, it enhances the viewer confidence in the game. 

The NutCracker Slot Game Review 

This slot game has 60 free spins in the first chance and later it will give you 10 spins. You will receive the Nutcracker Gift Bonus and many free spins in the game. Your points will definitely multiply upto 5000 bonus points when you grab the free spins.   

6.Monopoly Slots Game

Monopoly slot is the best ever slot machine game developed by Evolution Gaming Company. This latest Slot game has many advantages to its players. 

The game was developed and launched in the market in 2019. 

The Monopoly Slots Overview

  • Game Developer- Habro &  WMS
  • Return to Players-  96% – 99%
  • Game Release-  2019
  • Game Variance- Medium-High
  • Devices- Desktop, Teblet, Mobiles

Monopoly Slots Game 

This Interesting Money slot game was designed to increase its players interest by the collaboration of Habro and WMS company.  This game is famous because of its high Return to players percentage. 

Monopoly Slots Game Review

One important thing in the game, here you won’t need the coins in your pants pockets to play this game. You can enjoy this beautifully animated slot game even online also. 

There are lots of casino apps online on the internet where you can play these Monopoly games. 

The Monopoly slots games you can play online are Monopoly big events,  Monopoly Bring down the house, Monopoly Money in hand and many more. 

7. Family Guy Slots Game 

Family Guy Slots Game was launched in 2015, it was designed and developed by the IGT game company. It was the perfect good news for its fans across the globe. 

The Family Guy Game Overview

  • Game Developer- IGT
  • Return to Players-  94.25%
  • Game Release- 12.12.15
  • Game Variance- Medium-High
  • Devices- Desktop, Teblet, Mobiles

Family Guy Game  

Family Guy is a famous TV show in the USA. It was a surprise for the show fans when they first saw the game developed by IGT on their favourite TV show. 

This Animated Slot game has many characters included which we generally watch in their Tv show. 

This game has a total 5 reels, 3 rows and 30 playlines with amazing features like free spins and bonus points. This cool game can also run on any platform with the same speed and same effect. 

Family Guy Slots Game Review

You can enjoy this game even online also, the game will always be cool for the show lovers.  

You will get the bonus feature active once you land on 3 world bonus symbols on the 3 reels from the total of 5.

You will get your rewards multiplied upto 5000 times when you start playing this awesome slot machine game.

The Only thing I conclude about the game is that the game can never be loved by the people who don’t like the show. 

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