The Best Placement for a Garden Fountain

Have you dreamed of having a fountain for a garden in your home forever, and are finally ready to make this long-term dream a reality? Well, don’t jump into it too fast. 

There are some things you need to know before placing a garden fountain in your front or backyard. It isn’t just as easy as digging a hole in any place and connecting a water source to it. 

Keep reading for some of the placement tips that will help ensure your garden fountain is a smashing success. 

Close to an Electricity and Water Source

Garden fountain placement relies greatly upon the nearest electricity and water source. You don’t want to decide on a spot for your fountain and realize that you have no way of connecting water or electricity to it. Or that it would require a big rejig to make it happen.

Safety First

Make it so that the neighborhood kids can’t venture into your garden and get to the fountain easily. Too many children die from drownings each year.

Even if your fountain is minuscule, this doesn’t mean anything. Small children can drown in water that’s as little as 2 inches deep. 

Not Too Close to a Bedroom

You might not realize this at first. But as time passes by, you will get annoyed by how noisy a fountain can be.

It’s not only the trickling water that can grate on your nerves after a while but also the fountain pump that’s constantly going day in and day out. 

That’s why you will want to place the fountain for a garden close to the street, so it can mask out all the traffic and street noise, but not too close to a bedroom, so it doesn’t keep anyone up at night.

Make Sure It’s in an Open Area and Visible

The reason you are putting an angel fountain in your garden isn’t that you want to hide it from the world and keep it all for yourself. It’s so you can have it visible to everyone who comes to visit and to yourself. 

Make sure the fountain is in a visible, open area, without any trees hanging overhead. This way, you won’t have to be constantly cleaning leaves out of your fountain.

The dead leaves can clog up your pump and filter as well, so it’s better to keep your fountain away from all overhanging sources of leaves and debris.

Your Outdoor Living Space Needs a Garden Fountain

Be creative with how you place your garden fountain. Don’t forget the tips above so you avoid issues down the road. Uprooting a garden fountain and placing it somewhere else isn’t easy or cheap. 

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