Tanner Clinic Appointments & Phone Number

Tanner Clinic is well known for its outstanding healthcare services, which include a wide range of medical specialties and customized care. Scheduling an appointment at Tanner Clinic is a simple process that is designed to meet the different needs of its patients. This article includes a full explanation of how to schedule appointments at Tanner Clinic, as well as the services provided and other important information.

Scheduling Your Medical Appointment

Online Scheduling:

For select Tanner Clinic providers, patients have the option of arranging appointments online. This feature is especially beneficial to people who want speedy, digital solutions.

Phone Appointments:

Patients can also arrange appointments over the phone by phoning the clinic directly at tel:801-773-4840. Because of its personal touch and rapid feedback, this old method remains popular.

Live Chat:

Tanner Clinic provides a live chat option for patients who require assistance with appointment booking. This program offers real time assistance and direction.

Services Offered at Tanner Clinic:

Tanner Clinic offers a wide range of medical disciplines, ensuring that all patients receive thorough care. Among the important services are:

  • Family Medicine: Individualized care for the entire family, with an emphasis on general health and well being.
  • Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology: Allergy and asthma patients receive specialized care, including therapy for environmental and food allergies, immunodeficiencies, and mast cell diseases.
  • Ancillary Services: Audiology, diabetes management, esthetics, mammography, medical imaging, medical weight reduction, nutrition services, sleep medicine, and voice therapy are examples of ancillary services.
  • Behavioral Health: Addressing mental health concerns while emphasizing overall well being.

Why Choose Tanner Clinic?

  • Personalized Care: Each patient is given personalized care to ensure that their specific health needs are satisfied.
  • A Wide Variety of Specialties: Tanner Clinic provides a wide range of healthcare services, from regular family medicine to specialist care.
  • Convenient Scheduling Options: Making an appointment is now easier than ever with online, phone, and live chat options.
  • Accessible sites: Having many clinic sites makes it easier for patients to get healthcare.

Phone Number

  • Ph: 8017734840


Tanner Clinic is distinguished by its dedication to providing high quality, patient centered care. Tanner Clinic is a popular choice for anyone looking for comprehensive medical treatment, with easy to use appointment booking tools, a large range of medical services, and various locations. Tanner Clinic is equipped to satisfy your healthcare requirements efficiently and compassionately, whether you need a basic check up or specialist treatment.

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