Sunrise EHR Software: Review

Sunrise EHR, or Sunrise Clinical Manager, is a robust Electronic Health Record (EHR) system designed by All scripts for large clinical enterprises. This software is designed to provide physicians with a holistic view of patient information, facilitating informed decision-making and streamlining the diagnosis and treatment processes.

Software Features and Capabilities

Sunrise EHR comes with a comprehensive suite of features aimed at enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery:

Real-Time Patient Interaction

One of the key benefits of Sunrise EHR is its real-time data entry feature. This allows physicians to enter information about the patient as they interact with them, ensuring that data is current and accurate.

Integrated Medication Management

This software promotes coordination between physicians and pharmacists by enabling real-time sharing of information about patients’ medication and well-being. This integrated approach can lead to better patient outcomes.

Radiology Module

Sunrise EHR includes a radiology module that facilitates seamless cooperation between radiologists and physicians. By creating a paperless environment, this module can streamline decision-making and reduce treatment time

Other Key Features

The software also includes features for appointment management, clinical workflow, document management, lab integration, patient demographics, patient history, reporting and analytics, scheduling, and e-prescription Platform and Application

Sunrise EHR is a Windows-based application that can be implemented on-premise, as a hosted service, or in the cloud. Additionally, Allscripts offers a native iOS application, which can be beneficial for healthcare professionals who need to access patient information on the go.

Delivery and Practice Size

The Sunrise EHR system can be delivered via the cloud or on-premise, offering flexibility to suit the needs of different healthcare settings. It is equipped with iOS and Android apps, supports multi-office settings, and also comes with a web app.

In terms of practice size, the software is designed for larger practices, ideally suited for those with 11-50 physicians and even those with over 50 physicians.


In summary, Sunrise EHR is a comprehensive, feature-rich software designed to facilitate effective and efficient healthcare delivery in large clinical settings. With its real-time data entry, integrated medication management, and radiology module, it provides the tools needed to enhance patient care and streamline operations.

Important Features of Sunrise EHR

Here is a simple HTML table showing the key features of Sunrise EHR:

Real-Time Patient InteractionAllows physicians to enter patient information in real-time during their interaction.
Integrated Medication ManagementEnables real-time sharing of information about patients’ medication and well-being between physicians and pharmacists.
Radiology ModuleFacilitates paperless cooperation between radiologists and physicians.
Appointment ManagementHelps manage patient appointments effectively.
e-PrescriptionAllows for electronic prescription, enhancing the efficiency of the medication process.

This table should give you a quick overview of what Sunrise EHR has to offer. All in all, the software provides a user-friendly, comprehensive solution for managing electronic health records, making it a valuable tool for large clinical enterprises.

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