Seven attitudes for a safe online betting

Many potential game players wonder if betting online is safe. Even after finding a trusted bookmaker, they are afraid of personal data theft.

While hacking is real, online sports betting can be secure if the players take some precautions.

Through this guide, we want to help players make online betting secure!

7 Attitudes of a Safe Gambler

1. Research Everything About the bookmaker Before Registering

There are online complaints from users about some betting websites. There aren’t many, but they do exist.

This type of situation creates distrust towards the gambling industry. But it is something we can see in other sectors as well.

So, to remedy this situation, the first thing to do is research everything you can about a site before registering.

To explain the importance of choosing a good bookmaker, let’s take the example of Setka Matka. A reliable online lottery will provide an accurate Setka Matka chart showing live results from different markets.

But how do you know if a betting website is trustworthy? Pay attention to the following factors:

  • License and regulation recognized by a Government
  • Being in business for several years
  • Positive reviews from other users
  • Absence or minimal presence of complaints
  • Good Payment Methods
  • Good customer support
  • Sign-up Bonus

It doesn’t mean you should trust any site with a license because some licenses are easy to obtain.

Prioritize sites that operate in countries such as:

  • Malta
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Denmark
  • Italy

Players should consider the number of years the website has been online; it brings legitimacy and indicates that the bookmaker does everything within the law.

2. Protect Your Personal data

As stated above, a reliable website is most important. This measure already saves you from many problems.

One is data breaches, such as home address or bank information.

Good bookmakers adopt security measures for all their customer data, so what can go wrong? Well, a hacker can directly steal sensitive information from YOU.

Therefore, be careful to adopt the measures below:

  • Install the premium version of the best antivirus you can afford
  • Use passwords with combinations of numbers, letters, and symbols
  • If you have an account on more than one betting site, create different passwords for each one
  • Change passwords every week
  • Never give your bank information via chat, email, or any other platform other than directly in the encrypted fields of the bookmaker’s website.

3. Only Bet using Your Devices

A basic but essential tip. Never bet using other people’s devices, mobile or otherwise.

While you can make sure your cell phone or computer is secure, your friends may have malware or other issues on their devices. Therefore, it’s not worth taking that risk.

The opposite is also true. Don’t let your friends use your devices to log into their accounts or even yours!

Be careful with children and teenagers. Sometimes they may unintentionally spend small fortunes without your permission.

4. Beware of Other Sites You Visit

A trusted bookmaker’s website is secure, but what about the others you frequent?

Pay attention to all your internet browsing activity, especially if you have a terrible habit of saving your passwords in browsers.

Sites with pirated content are often targets for malware and other dangerous programs.

A great tip that we can share with serious players is to have exclusive devices for betting.

Thus, a cell phone or notebook intended only for betting activities will make your experience safer.

5. Use a VPN when betting

Using a VPN can make a big difference in your online betting experience.

It is critical, especially if you are using a public internet connection.

That way, no one will be able to monitor your activity. Much less your data when you are betting or browsing online.

6. Beware of Posts on Social Networks

This safety tip is more aimed at those who “talk too much” about everything they do on social media.

If you’re a gambler, no one needs to know about it. It is not necessary to keep posting about your bets or your winnings.

If you keep “bragging” about your achievements, someone may try something against your personal information.

A strict gambler keeps a low profile. Less is more; never forget that.

7. Do not use Public Wi-Fi to bet

We talked about this a little while ago in the VPN tip. Ideally, it would be best if you did not use public Wi-Fi when gambling.

This type of internet access doesn’t have much protection. Your data is vulnerable like that.

The best way is always to bet at home. If you need to be outside, use your 3G or 4G.


Betting online is 99% secure regarding the integrity of your personal information.

Following the seven safety tips above will help you secure the remaining 1%.

We hope our guide will be helpful. Please share it with your friends who are interested in online betting games. They would indeed thank you for it.

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