32+ Shocking Pictures of Hollywood Actress Without Makeup Look Differently

It is unbelievable for you that our Hollywood celebs seem to be more gorgeous but actually some of them are even look simple as well as unpresentable. This is because of the cosmetics which gives them an attractive look. Some of the celebs even don’t go anywhere without makeup. If they tried without makeup nobody can notice. Though there are some of the natural beauties also. Here are the some of the Hollywood actress without makeup for you.

Most of you are so desperate to know that how the celebs look without makeup beautiful or not. This is because you have seen them in news, movies, shows or in the award function. So some of you are crazy and want to know their real beauty.

After reading this article you will able to find the difference between the actual face vs cosmetic face. Now we are sharing the vast collection of the Hollywood actress with out makeup.

Top Hollywood Actress Without MakeUp

Everyone should go bare faced once in a while so that they actually not afraid for their look with out makeup. Watching style of the favorite celebs and follow their beauty tips is actually easy but if you look for their beauty you will get shocked also. So here is a list of the some of the Hollywood celebs without makeup.

1. Rihanna with out makeup

Rihanna with out make upRihanna can carry her skin very proudly and on her face any type of the hair style suits her.

2. Emilia Clarke with out makeup

 Emilia clarke with out make upWithout make up Emilia looks very ugly and no one can recognize her without makeup.

3. Keira knightley with out makeup

Keira knightley with out make upKeira Knightley is mostly present at events without makeup, she has got the British beauty claims a perfect complexion as well as fabulous bone structure.

4. Kim Kardashian without makeup

Kim without make upShe looks pretty without makeup. She is a mother and even looks stunning and looks better with out makeup.

5. Avril Lavigne Without Makeup

Avril with out make upAvril Lavigne is the lead singer and looks pretty but her eyes look trailed so if she go for eye makeup she is also look gorgeous.

6. Angelina Jolie without Makeup

Angelia with out makeupShe is one of the best looking beautiful and even looks pretty with out makeup.

7. Penelope Cruz without Makeup

Penelope Cruz without make up8. Pamela Anderson without Makeup

Pamela Anderson without make up9. Ann Jacqueline Hathway without Makeup

Ann Jacqueline Hathway without make up10. Anna Kournikova without Make up

Anna Kournikova without make up11. Katy Perry without Makeup

Katy Perry without make up12. Nicole Kidman without Makeup

Nicole Kidman without make up

13. Kelly Clarkson without Makeup

Kelly Clarkson without make up

14. Lady Gaga without Makeup

Lady Gaga without make up

15. Kathleen Mary Griffin without Make up

Kathleen Mary Griffin without make up

16. Jessica Alba without makeup

Jessica Alba without make up17. Kristen Stewart without makeup

Kristen Stewart without make up

18. Eva Longoria without makeup

Eva Longoria without make up

19. Demi Moore without make up

Demi Moore without make up

20. Mila Kunis without make up

Mila Kunis without make up

21. Gwyneth Paltrow without make upGwyneth Paltrow without make up

22. Scarlett Johansson without make up

Scarlett Johansson without make up

23 Jennifer Love Hewitt without make up

Jennifer Love Hewitt without make up

24. Cameron Diaz without make up

Cameron Diaz without make up

25. Demi  Lovato without make up

Demi Lovato without make up

26. Lisa Kudrow without make up

Lisa Kudrow without make up

27. Lily Allen without make up

Lily Allen without make up

28. Rachel Bilson without make up

 Rachel Bilson without make up

29. Kerry Washington without make up

Kerry Washington without make up

30. Adriana Lima without make up

Adriana Lima without make up

31. Reese Witherspoon without make up

 Reese Witherspoon without make up

32. Jassica Simpson without make up

Jassica Simpson without make up

Above I have given you a list of the Hollywood celebs with out make up. Some of the occasions they used to come with out make and it will remind you they are similar to you. Some of you may feel jealous about their beauty, figure as well as fitness and you will surprise to known that their actual picture when they are deprived of the make up.

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