20+ Interesting Arabic Tattoos & Their Meaning With Pictures

Tattoo are in trend now in between the people around the world especially for the Arabic tattoo is not new for the people. To learn Arabic language and emboss the tattoo with beautiful calligraphy and want to give it shape. Arabic tattoos are meaningful consists of the name of the person like son, daughter, wife and husband or spouse.

Arabic script is really elegant and artistic. Spiritual or serene words or a line are also popular as tattoo designs. Arabic alphabets carved on their body parts and not only look regal but also leaves an impact on the others.

Guys are you ready to emboss the Arabic tattoo then Arabic Tattoo Design, Arabic tattoo for ribs, Shoulder Arabic tattoo design, Arabic Tattoo and their meaning, Arabic tattoo design for spine, Arabic Tattoo words design, Arabic tattoo design for chest.

Lion of God" Arabic Zoomorphic Calligraphy

Arabic Tattoo Design And Their Meaning

Arabic language is the most beautiful languages in the world, this language emboss on the body parts to look them more graceful and mysterious. Arabic words have different meaning than superficial looks. Tattoos reflect the attachment of the people towards the culture and spiritual. Here we are sharing the vast variety of the Arabic tattoo design which can be inked on any part of the body.

tribal arabic tattoo design

1. Arabic Tattoo Design On Back

This tattoo emboss for faith and love, never ever loose faith from someone and always love everyone. This tattoo covers the whole back of this female and look very sexy and shows how optimistic is she.

rhythm for tattoo

2. Arabic Tattoo Design On Forearm

Arabic tattoo mainly focused on the positive feeling and attitude, it gives strength to move on in life instead to searching the mistakes.This tattoo can be emboss on the ribs, chest, forearm and any other part of the body.

arabic tattoo in shall pass

3. Neck Arabic Tattoo Design

Neck Arabic tattoo design is for to express their feeling of love, this tattoo says that I suffered, I learned, I changed. This design is very impressive and attract to others who come to know the meaning of the tattoo.

spine arabic tattoo

4. Spiritual And Love Arabic Tattoo Design

This Arabic tattoo design shows true love of God and gratitude towards love for others. On the back with side shoulder it looks cool and attractive and if you known the meaning of the tattoo then hundred percent you will in love in believe.

arabic tattoo design for girl

5. Rhythm Arabic Tattoo Design

This Arabic tattoo design is in the form of the rhythm and this is the most beautiful and exotic tattoo design on the shoulder especially for the females. These are from the favourite poem, it is very attractive and covers the large part of the body.

stylish poem arabic tattoo

6. Wrist Arabic Tattoo Design

This is the most common to emboss the name of the loved ones on the wrist whether it is for son, daughter, friend and lover. It has a pleasing look and appeal very exotic. In this way you can show your love toward the others. It can be inked on the ribs and forearms too.

father emboss daughter name arabic tattoo

7. Small Arabic Tattoo Design Behind Ear

This is the wonderful tattoo design behind the ear and looks very sexy. This small  Arabic tattoo is for those who believe in you.

tattoo design in arabic alphaet

8. Arabic Tattoo Design On Foot

This Arabic tattoo design looks cool and attractive on the foot of the men, it leaves an impression of the eternity and faithful. This cool tattoo can be done on any of the body parts like wrist, side arms and biceps.

wonderful arabic tattoo design on musculine neck

9. Arabic Tattoo Design On Sleeveless

Arabic tattoo design also gives information for the love and peace, this simply tattoo is loved by Arabian and others also. It has a dove head on the top which is the actual uniqueness of this tattoo. This tattoo can be done on the wrist, shoulders, forearms, chest and any other body parts.

arabic calligraphy tattoo design

10. In Both Wrist Arabic Tattoo Design

Arabic twin tattoo design on both the wrist show their love towards them. This tattoo also tell about the relationship and how could it can be flourish. It also reflect the lond lasting bonding between the two person. This tattoo design can be inked on the forearms, chest, shoulder and thigh.

arabic words in tattoo design

11. Arabic Tattoo Design Calligraphy

Flying bird Arabic tattoo design is calligraphy which says how one can build love and peace in their home or house and how difficult it is to built the home. Collection of the small pieces of the wood can make his house with love and security.

arabic tattoo design for love

12. Unique Little Finger Arabic Tattoo Design

An eye on the little finger with blue inked looks cool and fabulous, this Arabic tattoo means how you keeps and eye on others.

arabic tatto design in small finger

13. Calligraphy Arabic Tattoo Design On Abdomen

This sweet Arabic tattoo design with colored flower with the strong bonding between them. Beautiful tattoo was inked on the abdomen with different shades of the color. It covers the large part of the body and can be done on the shoulder and back.

Arabic Words And Waves Sleeve Tattoos

14. One Side Arabic Tattoo Design

Arabic rib tattoo can be read from right to left and in this case from hip to armpit. This tattoo says “my life is sweet like a cinnamon”. This full length of the tattoo is neat and clean and can be done on the musculine body which looks attractive too.

full rib arabic tattoo design

15. Name And Date Of Birth Arabic Tattoo Design 

Arabic tattoo design in this image says love of a mother towards her child. In this tattoo design this female emboss the name and date of birth of her child on the collar bone to show love toward her child with fingerprints.

arabic tattoo design on collar bone

16. Arabic Tattoo Design For Love

This belly tattoo design means “waves crashing”. This tattoo looks very attractive with low waist of the lowers and can be done on the forearms and foot also.

navel arabic tattoo design

17. Sun Arising Arabic Tattoo Design

Sun arising Arabic tattoo design reminding you for the struggle in your life like a sun. This tattoo has a positive reflection on the ones life and can be done on the shoulder and back on the musculine body only.

arising sun arabic tattoo design

18. Tribal Sun Arabic Tattoo Design

Black sun rays are on its peak and this tattoo shows the how powerful you are and have faith in the integrity of the life.

tribal sun arabic tattoo design

19. Compass Arabic Tattoo Design

Compass Arabic tattoo design on the collar bone of the musculine body looks very graceful and showing the direction in which you have to walk and run for gratitude. This positive sign of the tattoo makes in under control not to do wrong things in life.

arabic tattoo design in compass form

20. Lion Of God Arabic Tattoo Design

Leave your life as roar of the lion, this Arabic tattoo says. It is inked on the forearm and looks very sexy on the musculine body. Lion is the God for the Arabians and in this tattoo design you can see easily.

lion arabic tattoo design

21. Cool Arabic Tattoo Design

Arabic tattoo shows the passion for something, elongated lines on the biceps are interesting and whole dedication to this collection in inspiring the others.

passion for love arabic tattoo design

When it comes to the Arabic tattoo design then you want some prettier, sexy, passionating, cooler and graceful tattoo to be inked. Some of people emboss tattoo to have message, for showing love towards others, for gratitude and some remarkable lines from the poems. Arabic writing is simply beautiful and meaningful and can be incredible piece of the art. Arabic tattoo design can be inked with black, blue or any other color and can be done on any part of the body like shoulder, back, chest, behind the ear, foot forearms, wrist and abdomen. Arabic tattoo design is most elegant design with the meanings too. So guys hopefully you have enjoyed with the Arabic tattoo design and we will come back with more design for you.

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