How To Reduce Belly Fat With Simple Exercise With In A Week

Uff how to reduce this belly fat the biggest question of most of the girl or women in these days. Belly fat can be reduced or not? yes it can be reduced by little efforts of yours with in a week with simple modification of the lifestyle and your dreams comes true. its true that belly fat looks unpleasant and uncomfortable for every one. Even for future it is considered as a biggest health issue too. So it is the right time to reduce belly fat.

If you want to lose weight with belly fat then diet control and exercise will go together. Exercise will burn your extra fat from your body and diet will help in maintain the nutrients supply to your body. We are here for you with simple exercise which will help you out in reducing the belly fat.

how to reduce belly fat through exerciseBest Exercise To Reduce Belly Fat

Today’s lifestyle is sedentary every one works like that only, which may result in the accumulation of the fat in the body indirectly we can say leading to obesity. In order of sitting position maximum accumulation of fat occurs on belly resulting bulging belly fat. Here we are giving few exercise tips to eliminate excess of fat from belly which are as simple as you can just follow it.

simple exercise to reduce belly fat from your body

1. CrunchesTo Reduce Belly Fat

crunchesTo reduce Belly Fat

Crunches are the best exercise to burn fat from belly, so now this is the best time restart the crunches from today onward to burn belly fat. Crunches may be of different types like simple crunches, twist crunches, side crunches, vertical leg crunches, reverse crunches.

2. Walking To Reduce Belly Fat

walking To reduce Belly Fat

Walking is the best exercise to reduce the belly fat because simple walking with steady speed for 30-45 minutes in a week for 5 days will increase metabolism as well as heart rate. More the metabolic rate more calories you will burn that is it will burn fat from your body. Walking is well known exercise for the beginners and it will reduce injuries too. Along with the walking one main ting you have to considered is healthy diet.

3. Running/Jogging To reduce Belly Fat

Running/Jogging To reduce Belly Fat

Running or jogging is another way to reduce your accumulated fat from your body. One can switch from walking to running or jogging occasionally because it is useful in fighting against obesity and stay fit.

4. Swimming To Reduce Belly Fat

swimming to reduce belly fat

Swimming is one of the best exercise from burning body fat to shaping body, swimming for 2 times in a week will burn belly fat but make it sure choose the strokes which required more strenuous in order to burn more fat.

5. Cycling To reduce Belly Fat

cycling to reduce belly fat

Cycling is very effective exercise as it is considered as a cardio exercise. While doing cycling make sure that your heart rate goes high this will eliminates body fat by burning calories.

6. Twisting To Reduce Belly Fat

Twisting is another exercise to reduce belly fat. Just stand erect on ground keeping both legs apart. Now slightly bend your knees, spine should be straight, now take a big step forward with right leg and sit down as if on chair. Stay in this position for 15 seconds and try with other leg.

Twisting to reduce belly fat

7. Bending To Reduce Belly Fat

Bending To Reduce Belly Fat

Bending is another exercise to reduce belly fat. It is one of the simplest exercise which can be perform at any time or at any place. In this exercise one has stand erect and bend on right hand side but make sure your right hand will be on your right waist and left hand will go straight. Stay in this position and try with left side. 30- 45 minutes of this exercise will reduce your belly fat.


8. Cardio Exercise To Reduce Belly Fat

cardio exercise to reduce belly fat

Cardio exercise is one of the best exercise to reduce belly fat, it will reduce excess of accumulated fat from your body and gives other health benefits also. Cardio exercise will help in reducing stress, effective lung capacity, sound sleep and overall well being health.

Hopefully you have gained something from my post for reducing belly fat with simple exercise but make sure with exercise one has to very careful regard healthy diet too. Both the combination of the diet and exercise will give you better results with in a week.

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