How To Grow Taller [Tips to Increase Height Naturally]

Height is a factor which gives a confidence to your over all personality. Short height doesn’t reflect the over or under confidence but you stretch your neck muscles to talk to a person who is taller than you. Every time tall person gets center of attraction in a group of population.

How To Grow Taller

You must know that genetic factor plays an important role in your height if your family is short heighten then there may be a chance of having short height but don’t loose your confidence you can have good height  for that you have to do hard work.

Few factors which plays a role in height:

  • Smoking during pregnancy
  • Poor post natal care
  • Low birth weight
  • Poor health during childhood

So lets discuss how one can achieve good height or you can say how to increase the height.

How to Increase Height Naturally

1 Balanced diet

It is noticed that due to lack of proper nutrition which is a leading factor in not gaining proper height of a person.So, balanced diet is an important to achieve good height in which essential nutrients are required minerals like zinc,potassium, manganese,phosphorus and  vitamins like Vitamin C,vitamin D ,protein ,calcium. They are the enhancing factor for the height.

Daily diet must include fresh fruits and vegetables ,green leafy vegetables ,nuts , whole grains ,dairy products all in their proper portion or balanced diet.

Calcium gives strength to the bones to grow fast and vitamin D is essential to absorb calcium in the body.These nutrients work as fuel in the body.

2 Exercise regularly

Growth hormone is important factor which contribute to the height,growth hormone releases when you starts exercise daily for enjoy good height.There are lots of the exercise like skipping,jumping, hanging, cycling , swimming ,play tennis, basket ball and many more.

You must in co-operate outdoor activities in your life if you want to increase your height even after 18 years of age.Outdoor activities not only increase your height but also gives you a strong muscles and toned your body also.

3 Stretching

Stretch your muscles to gain height at any age at least 30 minutes daily for several months you will notice the change in the height.Stretching include super stretch,cobra stretch, leg and twists stretch.

Several yoga are involve in stretching like suryanamaskar. Stretching releases tension and gives you a confidence to move forward.

4 Exposure to sun

Body don’t get vitamin D from food as much but from sunlight so sunlight is a natural source of the vitamin D which is a key factor for absorbing calcium which is responsible for height.

In absence of the vitamin D weak bones are develop as well as less height.In order to gain height required amount of the vitamin D is necessary which you can get from sunlight.So, try to spend time in sunlight about 20-30 minutes.

Go out in the morning or evening hours in sunlight to gain maximum vitamin D and less exposure to ultraviolet rays.Vitamin D is also present in the dairy products like milk, cheese, eggs ,fish and now few fortified foods.

5 Adequate sleep

Adequate sleep is necessary for height because our body grows and regenerate cells and tissue when it is in a stage of rest.Sleep means sound and deep sleep without any disturbance. This is because during rest phase brain is relaxed and body releases growth hormone which is responsible for the height.

6 Sitting posture

Sitting posture is another factor which contribute to height. You must sit in such a way where your head and neck are aligned with out any sign of the bending.Such type of the posture relaxes your muscles and improve your height also.

Sit on a chair and keep your shoulder straight and chin high. While walking keep your body straight and tight.

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