9 Effective Ways to Get Flawless Perfect Glowing Skin Naturally At Home

We go to the skin specialists and dermatologist to satisfy our self to get perfect skin. Perfect skin is like no acne, no pimples, no dark circles, no dark spots ans many more. Every individual has its own skin like dry skin, oily skin, normal skin and sensitive skin. Perfect skin is defined as not too oily or nor too dry.

How to get perfect skinYou can got natural glow and perfect skin if you are willing to give your face a little attention and love. There are few steps which will help you to gain perfect skin.

How to Get Perfect Skin

1. Drink plenty of water

We all known that there are many health benefits to drink lots of water because it will release out toxins from the body. It will help your skin to purify the impurities and glowing skin.

drink plenty of waterIt hydrates the body and removes excess of oil and dirt from our skin.

Drinking at least 2 liters of water per day that will give you a bright skin as well as it will rid you from dryness and wrinkled skin. It will boost up your immunity.

2. Avoid the sun

Sun is the natural source for the vitamin D but only in the morning hours after that UV rays are quite strong and it will damage your texture of the skin. so, avoid too much exposure from sun rays.

avoid the sunWhile walking in the sun make sure you wear full clothes and an umbrella if possible. Apply sunscreen lotion and hydrate yourself from dryness.

3. Wash your face

Wash your face twice in a day because it will clean your dirt, oil, bacteria from face. It is remember to note that over washing should be prohibited it dries out the skin and make it red and irritable.

wash your faceYou can use cleanser which suits to your skin, try to stop those cleanser which full of chemicals, colored and scented that may cause irritation to your skin. to cleanse your face use warm water as it open the pores and then with cold water. Use a clean towel to pat dry your face not to rub it.

4. Use toner

Toner is another important thing you should follow to get perfect skin, it will clear the remaining dirt from the face, it will also help in restoring the skin PH balance to its ideal, it enhances any moisturizer to absorb better in the skin.

use tonerHealthy skin toner provides skin repairing substances like anti oxidants, fatty acids and glycerin to the skin which will give you a fresher, smoother and younger appearance.

Toner also make skin flawless, smooth and reduces the size of the pores.

5. Exfoliate

Regular exfoliate will remove off dead skin and left glowing, smooth and fresh skin. Exfoliate is sensitive and require more care and love, it should not contain large granules so must have small beads in it.

exfoliateYou can use alpha hydroxy acids which removes dead skin with out rubbing. You can also use home made scrubber to remove dead skin like yogurt with sooji or yogurt with sugar granules,bengal gram flour, oats, orange peel or lentil powder.

This will help in cleaning the clogged pores and improves skin texture with dullness. Regular use of exfoliate makes our skin to absorb moisturizers and serum.

6. Always remove make up before sleep

Never forget to remove make up from skin before going to the bed though it is a difficult task because after coming from work to home we become too lazy so we for get to remove make up which causes clogging of the pores.

Always remove your make-up. It may sound like the simplest thing in the world, but you should never underestimate the importance of completely removing your make-up every single night. It's a pain, and there will definitely be nights when it's the last thing you'll feel like doing, but your skin will thank you for it! If make up is left on the skin overnight it can clog the pores, while also denying skin the opportunity to repair itself from the stresses of the day. This opens the door to blackheads, breakouts, excess oil and all manner of undesirable issues! In addition, make up can trap free radicals that your skin is exposed to during the day. If your skin is not cleansed properly at night, these free radicals remain on the skin. This is not good, as free radicals break down collagen in the skin, leading to fine lines and wrinkles.[4] Although the full cleanse, tone, moisturize routine is preferable, in case of emergencies you should keep a pack of cleansing wipes beside your bed, along with some eye make up remover pads. Then you just need to give your face a quick wipe to remove the bulk of the make-up before your head hits the pillow. On the subject of make up...if possible, you should try to give your skin a break and go bare-faced every once in a while, especially if you tend to wear heavy foundation. This may seem scary, but your skin will feel much better for it. If going completely naked sounds too extreme, consider switching to a tinted moisturizer - it's much lighter than foundation but will still provide some coverage. And finally, you should make sure to go through your make-up bag at least every six months and throw away any products that have been hanging around for a while. Make up is a haven for bacteria, so using lumpy foundation and gunky mascara can lead to clogged pores and breakouts.If we left make up on the skin it will open the door for the blackheads, excess oil, acne , pimples and dirt. It will also promotes yeast to grow on the skin. So, it is important to use cleansing milk to remove make up from eyes, cheeks, chin and allover the face.

7. Leave the stress

Stress hormones will lead to excess production of oil which directly cause white and blackheads. A warm bath and a short sleep will reduce the stress.

 Leave the stressSo, sleep is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to get perfect skin. At least 7-8 hours of sleep is needed to get glowing and flawless skin. After sleep your body will lose excess oil and give you a fresh skin.

To leave stress you can listen to music, take spa, massage, do yoga and many more things you like to do so that you can deviate your mind from stress.

8. Work out

Physical activity is not important to reduce your weight but also important to get the glowing and perfect skin. Activities like aerobics, cycling,skipping, dancing, swimming etc which increase the blood and oxygen flow to the skin cells and carries out the waste products from your body.

Work outExercise will reduce the stress in the body. To get rid off from the acne, pimples wrinkled skin you must perform any type of the exercise daily and get result of perfect skin.

9. Eat vitamin C rich diet

Our skin needs vitamins and nutrients to get glowing, flawless and perfect skin. Eat vitamin C rich foods which will work as anti ageing for the skin, enhances skin brightness, keep away skin spots, protect skin from UV rays and improves collagen production. So you must include the fruits and vegetables in your diet.Balanced dietBest source of vitamin C are grapes, guava, lemon, kiwi fruit, amla, blackcurrants and strawberries.

By adding these changes in your lifestyle you can get the perfect skin. Giving you a youthful, bright look and clear skin will satisfy you with these result.

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