How to Choose an Orthopedic Surgeon: Everything You Need to Know

Do you have a knee problem? 

It can make all the difference in the world when it comes to your recovery period and the course of your treatment to choose an orthopedic surgeon. They help injured athletes get back on their feet, manage chronic issues, and help those with degenerative conditions to continue leading active lives.

Wondering how to find an orthopedic surgeon for you? Keep reading for our top tips!

Consider Their Location

Considering the location of an orthopedic surgeon is essential when deciding what surgeon to go with. First, think about the distance you are willing to travel for the procedure. Do you require a surgeon close to home, or are you willing to travel further?

Also, take into account the geographical area the surgeon works in. For example, if you need a particular treatment, you may need to go to a surgeon in a larger city that has a strong history of providing specialized care in that field.

Check Availability and Cost

The availability of an orthopedic surgeon will help to ensure that they can meet your needs, no matter the time of day or your level of injury. Should an emergency arise, a quick response time will be important to avoid further injury.

Comparing surgery costs is also an important factor, as orthopedic surgery can be a costly procedure, depending on the severity and complexity. Before making a decision, check with the orthopedic surgeon’s office to obtain information about the fees associated with the procedure.

Check Credentials and Background

Start by researching the doctor’s credentials and background. Check out where the doctor received their medical degree, check board certification and see what additional certifications and memberships the doctor has.

If possible, go beyond what the doctor has told you by reading online reviews. Ask about the surgeon’s experience performing the procedure you are looking for. Say, for example, if they have experience with knee replacement surgery.

Consider Gender

First, understand your own comfort level with different genders. For some people, it may be important that their care provider is of the same gender, while for others, it may be more important to be seen by a more experienced surgeon or one with specific training.

Also, consider that different genders may have different preferences for treatment options or styles. You should also consider the gender of the existing staff at the practice or hospital.

Depending on the type of procedure, you may want a doctor of the same gender for a more comforting experience. Ultimately, it’s best, to be honest and open about your own preferences and work with the doctor best suited to their expertise and comfort level.

Evaluate Communication Style

Ask the surgeon questions and listen to their answers during your initial consultation. The surgeon should be patient and willing to explain their approach in detail.

Determine if the surgeon listens to you and is willing to work with you to develop the best care plan. The best orthopedic surgeons will take the time to answer all of your questions thoroughly. 

Know About How to Choose an Orthopedic Surgeon

To get the best care results, choose an orthopedic surgeon that is right for your preference. Researching each doctor, speaking with past patients, and interviewing the orthopedic surgeon yourself are all essential steps in the process of determining the best medical provider for your needs.

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