12 Quick & Safe Home Remedies To Stop Bleeding Immediately At Home

The word bleeding refers to the loss of the blood from the blood vessels anywhere in the body. Most of the time it is a cut from where there is loss of  the blood and the situation is under control but sometimes there is loss of the heavy blood in such severe situation most of the time you may undergone to a shock, circulatory disruption and may suffer from the major damage to the tissue and which may lead to the death. So it is important for you to work quickly to control blood loss. But some times there is lack of the knowledge among you which will sometimes harm you or family members or friends. Simple wrapping of the bandage will  not work for you. For such people it is important to known and understand the that there are certain home remedies which will help in the loss of the blood. So here in this article you will read about the various remedies which will help in stopping blood loss.

How To Stop Bleeding By Home Remedies Quickly

home remedies To Stop BleedingYou must know the fact that you can stop bleeding due to the cut or any type of the injuries. Home remedies will provide the instant result and help in stopping the blood. Majority of the ingredients are available in the pantry only at your home. For that you need not to go to market and spend money.

Use Of Ice To Stop Bleeding

Use Of ice To Stop Bleeding

On the areas of the cut or you find bleeding is occurring you should apply ice cubes on it. So, it will stop bleeding. This is the simplest way to stop bleeding.

Use Of Turmeric Powder To Stop Bleeding

Use Of Turmeric Powder To Stop Bleeding

Turmeric is the best anti septic so where you will find cut or bleeding directly apply turmeric powder on it. You will see that turmeric powder will stop bleeding in few minutes.

Use Of Cayenne Powder To Stop Bleeding

cayenne to stop bleeding

This is the another simplest way to stop bleeding, as soon as you see bleeding from wounds or cut just directly apply cayenne powder and with in few minutes bleeding will stop.

Use Of Electric Tape To Stop Bleeding

Use Of electric tape To Stop BleedingWrapping of the electric tape on the wounds or cuts will stop unnecessary bleeding.

Use Of Salt And Water To Stop Bleeding

Use Of salt and water To Stop Bleeding

Mix salt and water and then immerse the wounds or cuts into it and keep it there for while. Initially you may feel some burning sensation or irritation but after that it will be normal but this is the effective home remedy to stop bleeding from wounds or cuts and from this mixture you can prevent the unnecessary bleeding. By dipping your infected area in the mixture will clear the bacteria too which may further cause infection too.

Use Of Glass To Stop Bleeding

Use Of glass To Stop Bleeding

As glass is electro negatively charged surfaces so it will help in stopping the blood by activating the clotting process of the blood vessels. Take a glass slide and put on the wound or cut and press it for 5-10 minutes it will effectively help in stopping the blood. But make sure you should put glass slide properly otherwise it will may cause another cut or wound. The glass slide surface should smooth with soft or curved edges.

Use Of Corn Starch To Stop Bleeding

Use Of corn flour To Stop Bleeding

This is again a simplest way tp stop bleeding,as cornstarch ios available in the pantry. Just you need to pour cornstarch over wound or cuts and you will see in few minutes it will stop bleeding.

Use Of Alum To Stop Bleeding

Use Of alum To Stop Bleeding

Alum is used to bleeding from wounds which is mostly caused by the razor cuts or any other objects. You need to put the stone of the alum on the cuts or the infected areas. Initially it will cause burning sensation but after few minutes it will be fine and you will find there is no blood on the cut or wounds.

Use Of Flour To Stop Bleeding

Use Of flour To Stop Bleeding

Flour absorbs all the moisture and blocks the blood from where blood is coming out. So this is the another remedy to stop bleeding. As you see any kind of the excessive bleeding just pour flour over it and with in few seconds you will notice there is no blood loss from wounds or cuts.

Use Of Grounded Coffee To Stop Bleeding

Use Of coffee To Stop Bleeding

Coffee will absorb the blood and block the vessel to lose more blood. You just need to grounded the coffee in the grinder in powder form and sprinkle over the blood lost from wounds or cuts.

Use Of Yarrow To Stop Bleeding

Use Of yarroe leaves To Stop BleedingYou can find yarrow leaves near to your place so try to grab yarrow leaves and crush them, directly apply this leaves over the wounds or cuts immediately it will stop bleeding in few minutes.

Use Of Tea Bags To Stop Bleeding

Use Of tea bags To Stop BleedingThis is also the home remedy to stop bleeding what you need to do is simply put the tea bags over the wounds or cuts and it can immediately stop bleeding. Press the tea bags for about 10 minutes and with in few minutes there is no more blood loss.

After reading this article now you are ready to help others and yourself in case of any type of the bleeding occur from an accident. So it is simple but knowledgeable things which you have to do and you can teach others also. Try these remedies at home and get a better result.

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