12 Amazing Benefits Of Curry Leaves Or Kaddi Patta On Health And Its Uses

Curry leaves also known as Kadi Patta which is generally used in the Indian dishes as a seasoning, it add flavor to the dish. Curry leaves is rich in the carbohydrates, calcium, fiber, irons, Vitamin A, B and E. Curry leaves is the essential elements in the south Indian dishes also. The very fresh leaves are light green in color and matured ones becomes dark green when added to the recipes. Powdered curry leaves can be added to the salad to get wonderful flavor.

helath benefits of curry leavesBenefits Of Curry Leaves 

Fight Diabetes

Curry leaves helps in the reduction of the blood sugar level in the body, it affects the insulin activity. Curry leaves has fiber in it which plays a significant role in lowering the blood sugar level. You can check the blood sugar after eating curry leaves in your diet.

Lower cholesterol And Protect Heart

Curry leaves has anti oxidants and prevents the oxidation of cholesterol that forms LDL cholesterol which bad for the health and increase the amount of the HDL cholesterol which is good for the health. Hence it will lowers the level of the cholesterol in the body.

Keeps anemia away

Curry leaves is the rich source of the iron and folic acid. Folic acid is necessary for the carrying and helping the body absorb iron so it is the natural remedies  to fight with the anemia.

Improves digestion

Curry leaves is full of the fiber and absorb excess of the fat from the body and excrete out from the body. Maximum of the problem come from the stomach if your stomach is happy then there will be no problem

Prevents Whitening Of Hair

curry leaves

Eating curry leaves in the diet will help in the prevention of the whitening or greying of the hairs, effective in treating damaged hair, give strength to the hair, reduces hair fall and treats dandruff. Curry leaves can be apply topically also.

Protect Liver

Curry leaves is a medical herb,it helps in treating bilious vomiting. Curry leaves will protect your liver from oxidative stress and harmful toxins that builds up in your body due to the presence of the anti oxidants. Presence of the Vitamin A and C protect liver and stimulates the organ to work efficiently.

Help In Diarrhea

Curry leaves have mild laxative properties, It has carbazole alkaloid that posses anti bacterial  and anti inflammatory properties which helps in upset stomach.

Reduces Congestion

If you are suffering from the cold and chest congestion curry leaves is the effective remedy to treat it. Curry leaves is rich in vitamin C and has decongestant agent which releases the congestion and relieve from cold.

Prevents Skin Infection

Curry leaves prevents the skin diseases as it an anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti protozoal. Curry leaves works as medicine for the skin infections like acne and fungal infections. By doing just home remedies with curry leaves you can be rid off skin disease.

Weight Loss

Curry leaves helps in the weight loss as it contains lots of the fiber in it which helps in maintaining weight of the person.

Kidney problems

Some times pain the stomach is due to the kidney problems. Curry leaves works well in solving the kidney problems from first day with out any side effects.

 In Pregnancy 

During pregnancy women feels morning sickness and nausea with lots of the discomforts due to change in the hormone levels. Boiling curry leaves in water and drink it. This will be effective on the women for their morning sickness.

Curry leaves is the cheapest leaves which is available in our local area with thousands of the health benefits.

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