Exercise Tips for Seniors During Home Nursing Care

Seniors are important people in our families, and you need to show them more love when they are old. There are various care options for seniors, and many people opt for home care. This involves hiring professional nurses to care for your loved ones and help them with their-day- to-day tasks. Exercises are also vital and will help your loved one maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Below are some of the exercises seniors can undertake during home nursing care.

1. Floor and garden games

Floor and garden games are appropriate for most seniors, including those with restricted mobility. These games are highly social and are most preferred for wet and dry conditions. Senior Care Great Falls, VA nurses allow adequate space in the home to ensure a senior person benefits from fun pursuits.

2. Swimming

Swimming is one of the most effective exercises for senior citizens. It relaxes the body and boosts stamina, making muscles strong. That’s not all; swimming lowers the risk of cardiovascular problems with good supervision and regular training.

3. Relaxing yoga sessions 

Yoga is one of the best kinds of exercise for seniors and has numerous gains. Yoga helps strengthen bones that have grown brittle and weak due to osteoporosis. It also improves strength, flexibility, and balance. Improved performance in all three areas can help seniors avoid falls, which are the leading cause of injury among the elderly.

4. Walking

Professional caregivers like Capital City Nurses encourage the elderly to take walks and get as much fresh air as possible. Walks assist elderly persons with restricted mobility in moving around. Therefore, encouraging the elderly person to take a walk in the park should be dementia-friendly.

Reasons to engage a professional home care nurse?

You may have an elderly person at home but lack time to offer the care that they need. However, you can resolve this by engaging a professional home care nurse. Below are some reasons to have one.

· Support with diet and nutrition

Is your loved one receiving the proper diet and nutrition to stay strong and healthy? Your aging parent might be at a nutritional risk if not well catered for. If you are not readily available for your senior, a home care nurse is critical. Such professionals provide healthy home-cooked meals and nutritional counseling, curbing malnutrition among your seniors.

  • Medication management

It can be challenging to keep track of several medicines if your loved one is on them. To control health conditions and avoid harmful drug interactions, home health care professionals ensure your elder gets the proper medications at the correct times.

Assured reliability

When you are not present, home health care specialists can assist you. Home health care can provide you with peace of mind if you provide care from afar. Trained personnel can analyze safety concerns in the house and make essential modifications, such as laying a rug on a slick floor or making ambulatory assistance recommendations.

Bottom line

Exercises are essential for the health of your senior. Moreover, home care nurses are critical since they are skilled in giving the seniors excellent services from nutrition, medication, and other roles.

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