Doing Yoga With Your Boyfriend

To make training a real pleasure, do yoga with your beloved man. Morning training will give you a charge of energy for the whole day. Different poses of yoga (asanas) will help increase the rate of metabolic processes in the body. And classes with your loved one will make the relationship even more solid, as during the training you will learn to feel each other and try to do everything together.

If you decide to arrange a pair training in the evening, it will help to relax after a hard day. Thanks to yoga you will get rid of all kinds of stresses, and also you can forget about stresses and other troubles.

You can train as much as you want, if there is time, then ideally, practice daily. The exercises below helped you improve your psychological and physical condition, and strengthen and diversify your relationship. Other way to diversify your relationship is to visit this site with beautiful Russian brides, think about it. The last recommendation is to start training in a good mood and on an empty stomach, and also do not forget to monitor your breathing.

And here are the exercises themselves:

  1. The first exercise will help improve the mobility of the shoulders and muscles of the shoulder blades.

Pull your arms out so that the palms “look” at each other. Strain your back so that the shoulder blades are pointing down. Inhale and wind your arms behind your back and connect your hands. Stand with your back to each other and with your thumbs push each other, thereby helping to stretch. Due to the fact that you will push the folded palms on your back, the chest will open and stretch.

  1. The second exercise is designed to strengthen the muscles of the back.

Lie on your stomach, lean on your palms and place your arms about the width of your shoulders. Tear off the pelvis from the floor and transfer the weight of the body to your hands, while the chest should be pointed slightly forward and upward, the body should not go beyond the palm of your hand. The shoulders should be pulled back, and the shoulder blades should be pulled to the buttocks. Hold on for a while in this position and relax.

  1. This exercise is designed to improve posture and relieve tension of your spine.

Bend over and lean on the palms, which must be placed wider than the shoulders. You need to step back a few steps and spread your legs to the same width. Hips need to be directed back and up. Hold on in this position for a few minutes and then relax.

  1. This exercise is necessary to improve your hip joints.

Stand opposite each other, at a distance of about 2 m. Hands must be raised upwards so that they are parallel to the floor. Without tilting the body, stretch from the pelvis to the palms. Without stopping to drag on, on an exhalation squat, not taking off heels from a floor. Knees slightly spread apart and begin to stretch one another’s fingers, make sure that the heels do not come off the floor, and the back is perfectly even. 

  1. This exercise is designed to stretch your spine and relieve tension from your waist.

The man must kneel and stretch forward so that the forehead and palms rest on the floor. You sit on his buttocks, while the legs should be bent at the knees. It is necessary to lie on the back of the beloved, and stretch your legs, forward focusing on the heels. In this position, you need to bend over, repeating the bend of the partner’s back and maximally stretch out. After that, you need to swap places.

  1. This is a relaxing exercise for the whole body.

Sit together on the floor with your back to each other. First, the man must stretch his legs forward and as far as possible reach his legs. Your task is to connect the feet, and the knees to spread apart. The hands must be locked in the lock by the head and bent, touching the partner’s back. Hold in this position for several minutes and completely relax. After that, swap places.

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