Best Diet Plan for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes is a condition when a person has high blood sugar. The sugar levels increases when body is unable to produce sufficient insulin or when it becomes resistant to its effect.

How to develop the plan for diabetic educator

Type 2 Diabetes Diet

When a person is having type 2 diabetes diet plan goes long way towards controlling your blood sugar and weight.Diabetic diet is a normal diet but with few changes,calories must be counted to manage diabetes,healthy fats and complex carbohydrates must be included.

Healthy eating and staying active can keep blood sugar in range because person with type 2 diabetes are overweight.

Meal planning for a diabetic person must include:


Carbohydrates are main source of energy so one can’t avoid carbohydrate completely.Choosing right carbohydrates is the main target to manage diabetes.Complex carbohydrates that are rich source of fiber contribute between 45 to 55 percent of daily calorie intake.So one must include following carbohydrates in their diet:

  • Carbohydrates from high fiber source like vegetables,beans,fruits,whole grains these high fiber foods digest slowly which helps in keeping blood sugar levels stable.
  • Avoid foods that contain sugar or refined flour,which are absorb quickly and can cause blood sugar to raise.
  • Drink water instead of sugary juices or soft drinks.


Fats contains more than double the calories of either carbohydrates or proteins ,so healthy diet should limit fat intake.Fats provide about 25-30 percent of daily calorie intake. Any oil which is solid at room temperature is saturated fat include butter,cheese and others.

Trans fats are produced when a liquid oil is turned in to solid fat through a process called hydrogenation one must avoid these hydrogenated fat.

Healthy fats such as MUFA (Monounsaturated fatty acid)and PUFA(Polyunsaturated fatty acid) are good for heart and raise the HDL or good cholesterol.Good source of unsaturated fatty acids are olive oil,nuts,canola oil,Avocados.

Fats can raise blood sugar levels so limit intake of fatty foods ,deep fried foods,hamburgers,butter,meat,bacon.


Protein can help stabilize blood sugar because it take time to digest.Protein provide about 15 -20 percent of your calories.Rich sources of protein are:Lean meat, fish,low fat dairy products.


Fiber helps in lowering blood sugar level as well as weight management.They are helpful in controlling hunger and portion of food intake.Fiber rich foods: oats,barley,whole grains cereals,pulses,vegetables,fruits,beans,peas and lentils.


Many of the diabetic person also have high blood pressure it will directly contribute to hypertension so, amount of sodium intake must be in limit.Foods those are high in sodium must be avoided:bakery products,papad, pickles,sauces,processed and preserved foods.


Exercise has proven benefits it improves quality of life,better mood,stronger muscles and bones and can lower blood sugar.Any type of exercise like walking,aerobics,cycling and many more others can be helpful in managing blood sugar level.Exercise will also helpful in reducing weight loss.

Foods must be avoided in type 2 diabetes

  • Fruits like mango,sapota and banana.
  • Deep fried foods.
  • Refined flour
  • Sweets and chocolates
  • Soft drinks and sugary juice

Type 2 diabetes can be control by managing in the diet, exercise and medication.These three steps will keep a person healthy and stay longer without any complications.

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