What Is the Role of a Hospice Social Worker?

The role of a hospice social worker is to advocate for each patient’s end-of-life wishes and help individuals address the emotional aspects of late-stage illnesses. Hospice social workers also assist families in identifying other available local services and resources for additional support. Evaluate The first task is to evaluate. Social workers are essential in assessing … Read more

4 Ways to Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

In a recent study, 21 % of patients who were diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and given insulin had Type 1 Diabetes. Unfortunately, 38% of patients with late-onset Type 1 diabetes did not receive insulin or glucose monitoring upon diagnosis. Sometimes, physicians miss out on a Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis because It is commonly associated … Read more

Getting the Right Effects from the Best CBD Vape Oil

Vaping has slowly replaced cigarette smoking because of its ability to decrease nicotine addiction and lessen its addictive effects. And because medical-grade cannabis is also changing the landscape of medicine, the use of cannabidiol in vaping has its inherent benefits.  The best CBD vape oil is not just additional vaping enhancers, but they provide some … Read more

How to Treat Herniated Disks

The soft center of a spinal disk pushing pushing through a crack in the exterior casing, known as a herniated disk, is one of the most common causes of leg and back pain.  Herniated disks affect more than 3 million Americans each year and can cause extreme pain and distress if left untreated. Although not … Read more

On the Importance of Staying Healthy

Without doubt, staying healthy is challenging, especially considering the number of processed foods that we are exposed to nowadays, the absence of enough time to engage in exercises, and the high cost of healthy food. In fact, we are presented with so many options for poor exercises, fast and unhealthy foods, and diverse beverages that … Read more