Planning for the Diabetic Educator for the Conversation of the Patient

How to develop the plan for diabetic educator

Patient education has changed from the traditional methods of lecture and giving the person lists of do and don’t .So, now a new approach of COLLABORATIVE approach where the person determines what and how they would like to learn.

How to develop the plan for diabetic educator

Planning for the Diabetic Educator

1.Survival skill

We need to provide information that is essential for the safety of the person in the home environment, what information does the person need :

  •   Side effects of the medication
  •   How to recognise when help is needed
  •   Who to call for help

2. Identify resources appropriate for the individual

Once the objectives is finalized then identify the resources. People learn in different ways so search  the persons preferred learning style like some people like to watch video, reading books, listen to other people and some want to see the expert.

3. Identify the individual barriers to learning

It is important to recognize the barriers in learning process like limited time, disinterested person, illness, no resources available, lack of confidence,physical difficulties. So plan a possible strategies to overcome from such barriers

4. Integrated family/support person in learning

Some one says that a strong support system will result in less anxiety and better outcomes for the  person.Peer group and family members will encourage the person, person can bring family member to attend the class.

5 Develop a plan to suit the circumstances

As a health care provider you may be teaching at the bedside in a pharmacy, in a doctor office, in  a clinic So before start the process think about the situation and topics, plan for how you will address the most common topics in a time available

6 State how your teaching plan will be shared with other care givers 

Health care team, you and person will share the plan which will save you and time. Documents the plan on the person chart whether it is in paper form or on the computer It could be formal teaching record with listed objectives for a specific condition notation on the objectives the person wanted to cover what has been done to date and the outcome of the teaching

So the conclusion is a successful approach is based on Assessment, Planning, Implementation, Evaluation.