20+ Amazing Bull Tattoo Design & Their Meaning With Pictures

When you think of the Bull tattoo design then first comes in your mind is this is the zodiac sign for the Taurus. Person with the sun of the taurus is persevering, stable, stubborn, dependable and possessive. Taurus personality are calm and peaceful but when their anger is aroused their temper can be wicked. The bull has been a symbol of strength, tenacity, virility and power.

The sun is in Taurus from 20 April to 20 May. Taureans are thought to be strong individuals with bull headed and they can be dogged and determined when they have a goal in mind. The glyph for Taurus are quite simple represents the bull’s head and horn.

Here we are sharing the vast collection of the Bull tattoo designs or taurus tattoo design, tribal bull tattoo design, amazing bull tattoo design, angry bull tattoo design, ranging bull tattoo design, skull bull tattoo design, bull tattoo design on chest, bull tattoo design on back.

black bull tattoo design on shoulder

Amazing Bull Tattoo Design & Their Meaning With Pictures

Now-a-days embossing tattoo is in fashion on any part of the body with their meaning, we can all agree about the fact that the animals motifs are very popular as they are visually impressive and symbolic meaning attached to it. Many of us believes that the bulls signify power and courage so it is very attractive as a tattoo design. So checked it out the various bull tattoo design with their meaning, bull tattoo design for back, bull tattoo design for chest, bull tattoo design for forearms and wrist.

fighting bull tattoo

1. Cow Boy Running Bull Tattoo Design

In this tattoo it is clearly seen that the cowboy sitting on the bull and try to control bull. This motif is very impressive as gives the meaning of the controlling the situation.

amazing bull tattoo design

2. Running Bull Tattoo Design

This fabulous running bull tattoo design signify that the bull is charged and it looks so beautiful and graceful. Below the bull emboss with the date of the psalms.

cool bull tattoo design

3. Black Bull Tattoo Design

Graceful bull tattoo design in different shades with red eye and ready to run pose says about the anger, determination and aggressive feeling in you.

bull tattoo design

4. Skull Bull Tattoo Design

Skull bull tattoo design on the back covers a large areas and looks pretty attractive. This skull bull means the hard, stubborn and rough nature of the person.

tribal bull tattoo design

5.Traditional Bull Tattoo Design

Traditional bull tattoo design look pretty good on the masculine arms and  it is totally shaded with the art of the lines. Person is artistic in nature and try some creative things in the life.

bull head skull tattoo design

6. Fighting Bull Tattoo Design

Fighting bull tattoo design for the person who are very aggressive, in this tattoo two bulls are ready to fight with each other. Tattoo was nicely emboss on the chest and good in the presentation.

taurus bull tattoo design

7.  Protective Bull Tattoo Design

This tattoo design is build basically for the women as it gives the appearance of the protection and look very attractive, it also stand for the strength and unity in the female. Black shades of the bull with the defending itself in nature.

zodiac sign taurus bull tattoo

8. Ranging Bull Tattoo Design

Ranging bull tattoo design fighting with the other and surrounded with the flames. This type of the tattoo design speaks nature of a person that they want to win at any cost. Flame and shades shows the struggling nature of a person.

bull fighting tattoo design

9. Composed Face Of A Bull Tattoo Design

Bull tattoo design in red face looks bull anger and can’t resist to claim that bull is the fighter till the last moment. This tattoo describe the script how bull fights in the ground in front of the opposite party, same it says to every action there is equal and opposite reaction and this type of the person will defend themself.

unique bull tattoo design

10. Black Bull Tattoo Design

Black bull tattoo design is for the females, this tattoo says that bull is aggressive, strong, determinate and stamina. Nose of the bull is always flared up and it always look attractive and bold and wild.

bull tattoo on chest

11.  Chinese Bull Tattoo Design

Chinese bull tattoo design gives rich look and exotic feeling. Its says person is strong, stable, long suffering, determination and hard work. It good to inked it on the back as it cover the large area of the body and can be done on the chest also.

traditional bull tattoo design

12. Funny Bull Tattoo Design

This tattoo is most common type of tattoo these days as it very funny seeing bull with the flower and thinking very deeply. Person is jolly in nature and colorful in his life.

bull art with flower tattoo design

13. Head Bull Tattoo Design

Small and pretty bull head tattoo design on the finger common in the females. Sharp horn with the shape of the head of the bull looks fabulous, this is a fashionable type of the tattoo.

bull tattoo image for female

14. Two Skull Bull Tattoo Design

Two skull of a bull is carved very beautifully on the chest of a man. Two horn with nostrils and on the sides skull of the animals this motif is excellent in seeing. Black strips on the background this motif looks very scary.

bull tattoo on chest of men

15. Scary Bull Tattoo Design

This tattoo design is very scary and face with bloody eyes and on the top head of the bull. This tattoo is carved on the chest, thigh and back of the body. This shows person is very aggressive and can be dangerous too.

chicago bull tattoo design

16. Colorful Bull Tattoo Design

Most of the time we see black bull with full of the anger in the eyes but here bull is looking stunning with colorful appearance yellow, green, orange, red, these color are used to make the whole motif unique, bright and graceful. Person is jolly and colorful in life.

old bull tattoo design

17.  Celtic Bull Tattoo Design

Celts bulls have immense strength and stamina, they are warriors and well known for its ruthless fighting skills. They tough and strong people who stood as a representation of courage.

bold and shades bull tattoo design

18.  Monkey Bull Tattoo Design

This most of the funniest tattoo saying monkey will act as a cowboy and riding the bull, this is the Spanish culture in which people sit on the bull and fight, script is telling the culture of a country.

bull and monkey riding tattoo design

19.Tribal Bull Tattoo Design

Tribal bull tattoo design for those who are strong and heroic look, these tattoo speaks alot about the personality of the person as ideologies and these tattoo covers the large part of the body even look very pretty on the biceps of the musculine body.

colored bull tattoo design

20. Designer Bull Tattoo Design

The bull design carved here is a very simple motif with black shades. In this eyes are closed and inner ears with black in shades. Lines on the face looks as it is in bad mood.

bull tattoo design on back of men

21. Motif Symbol Bull Tattoo Design

This tattoo simply describing the two horns and circle inside as a skull of the head of the bull. This tattoo is carved on the person body, its clear it is a motif of the bull on the back of the body.

tattoo design for taurus

22. Stone Bull Tattoo Design

Stone headed bull tattoo design with the powerful and noble looks, gives an impression of the bull with a suspicious way. Earthy color of the bull surrounded with the circle seems that the entrance of the gate.

hard stone bull tattoo design

Bull tattoo design has a great impact on the person it will reflect the personality of the person and contribute to understand the person easily. Animal feature in the tattoo design look visually impressive and with the symbolic meanings attached to it. Angry bull tattoo design,  designer bull tattoo design, amazing bull tattoo design such type of the design of the bull signify power and courage. Hopefully guys you have enjoyed bull tattoo design and we will surely come back with more tattoo design.

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