New Abortion Laws in Wyoming

Abortion is a subject of debate and controversy, with varying laws and regulations across the United States. In Wyoming, the status of abortion is currently legal until the point of “viability,” which means the stage of pregnancy when the fetus has the capability to survive outside the womb with medical assistance, usually around 24 to 26 weeks of pregnancy. However, this period can vary based on the individual pregnancy and the fetus’s development.

A law was introduced in Wyoming on March 19, 2023, which aimed to entirely ban abortions. However, this law is currently being disputed in the courts and is not currently in effect.

Understanding Wyoming Abortion Laws

No Waiting Period

Unlike many states that necessitate a counseling session followed by a specified waiting period before getting an abortion, Wyoming does not impose these conditions.

Parental Consent Required for Minors

Individuals below the age of 18 are required to have the consent of a parent or guardian to undergo an abortion in Wyoming. If obtaining consent is unfeasible, the minor can seek a “judicial bypass” which permits them to evade the requirement for parental involvement. Assistance with this process is available through the If/When/How Judicial Bypass (JB) Helpline.

Abortions Available Until Viability

As mentioned above, abortions in Wyoming are permissible up until the point of viability. This period can vary for each pregnancy and is determined by a healthcare provider. The services provided and the stage of pregnancy at which they stop offering these services can differ among providers.


There may be exceptions that allow abortions to be performed after the viability stage in Wyoming, particularly if it’s to preserve the pregnant person’s life or their general health, including mental health.

Abortion Providers in Wyoming

There are two known providers in Wyoming where you can seek abortion services:

CityProviderServices available untilAddressContact
CasperWellspring Health Access23 weeks, 6 days918 E. 2nd St., Casper, WY(307) 224-7851
JacksonWomen’s Health and Family Care10 weeks, 0 days555 East Broadway, Jackson, WY(307) 734-1313

Frequently Asked Questions

Is abortion legal in Wyoming?

Yes, abortion is currently legal in Wyoming up to the point of viability, approximately 24 to 26 weeks of pregnancy.

Do I need parental consent for an abortion if I’m under 18?

Yes, if you’re under 18, you need the consent of a parent or guardian. If that’s not feasible, you can seek a judicial bypass.

Is there a waiting period for an abortion in Wyoming?

No, unlike some other states, Wyoming does not require a waiting period for an abortion.

Where can I get an abortion in Wyoming?

There are two main providers in Wyoming: Wellspring Health Access in Casper and Women’s Health and Family Care in Jackson. Be sure to check with them about the stages of pregnancy they can provide services for.

Can I get an abortion in Wyoming after the viability stage?

Typically, abortion after the point of viability is not allowed. However, there may be exceptions if it’s necessary to preserve the life or general health of the pregnant person.

What if I can’t get a parent’s consent for an abortion?

If you’re under 18 and can’t get parental consent, you can seek a judicial bypass. If you need help with this process, you can reach out to the If/When/How Judicial Bypass Helpline.

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