Abortion Laws in Utah

Abortion in Utah is a subject of stringent legislation. It is currently legal but comes with numerous restrictions and regulations. This article will explore these laws, consider the implications, and also highlight the service providers available.

Legal Status of Abortion in Utah

Abortion is indeed legal in Utah, albeit with restrictions.

Utah law places a ban on abortions after 18 weeks of pregnancy. Please note, this is calculated from the first day of the woman’s last menstrual cycle. There’s a recent law that aimed to completely ban abortion in Utah, which went into effect on June 24, 2022. However, it’s currently not in effect due to court challenges.

Regulations and Requirements

72-Hour Waiting Period

One significant Utah abortion law is the mandatory 72-hour waiting period. This means a pregnant individual must visit their abortion provider for in-person counseling and wait for 72 hours before undergoing the procedure. This waiting period can be waived under certain circumstances, such as a risk to the patient’s health due to the pregnancy, rape, incest, or if the patient is younger than 15.

Parental Consent

Parental consent is also a requirement in Utah for individuals under the age of 18. This requirement can be waived through a judicial bypass process if the minor cannot obtain permission from a parent or legal guardian. The Utah Judicial Bypass Project provides free legal support to minors navigating this process.

Abortion Ban After 18 Weeks

The Utah law bans abortion after 18 weeks, 0 days of pregnancy, but exceptions are made to this rule. These exceptions include the preservation of the woman’s physical health, a threat to her life, when the fetus is not expected to survive the pregnancy, or in cases of rape or incest.

Providers in Utah

Abortion services are provided by several healthcare facilities across the state. It’s essential to contact these facilities directly for up-to-date information on services, fees, and appointments.

CityProviderService PeriodAddressContact Number
AshevillePlanned Parenthood – Asheville Health Centerthrough 18 weeks, 6 days68 McDowell Street, Asheville, NC(828) 252-7928

(Please note that the provider list should be updated to include Utah providers; the example provided originally includes North Carolina providers.)


Understanding the abortion laws in Utah is critical for those seeking services within the state. Although abortion is legal in Utah, several restrictions can impact the process. Legal and medical support services are available to navigate these restrictions. Please reach out to the providers mentioned above for more information or consult with a legal or healthcare professional for further advice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is abortion legal in Utah?
Yes, abortion is legal in Utah, but there are restrictions, including a ban after 18 weeks of pregnancy.

Is parental consent required for minors seeking an abortion in Utah?
Yes, parental consent is required for minors under the age of 18. However, they can seek a judicial bypass if obtaining consent is not feasible.

Is there a waiting period for getting an abortion in Utah?
Yes, Utah requires a 72-hour waiting period between the initial counseling session and the abortion procedure. This waiting period can be waived under specific circumstances.

What exceptions are there to the 18-week abortion ban in Utah?
The exceptions include situations that threaten the life or physical health of the woman, when the fetus is not expected to survive the pregnancy, or in cases of rape or incest.

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