Understanding Abortion Laws in Florida

Abortion is a medical or surgical procedure that ends a pregnancy. It’s a legal healthcare option in the state of Florida, although some restrictions apply. In this article, we delve into these laws and regulations, along with providing a list of providers for abortion services in Florida.

Is Abortion Legal in Florida?

Yes, abortion is legal in Florida. However, there are several constraints to consider. First, Florida law prohibits abortion after 15 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy, calculated from the first day of the last menstrual period. This means that if you’re pregnant for 15 weeks, 6 days or less, you can legally undergo an abortion procedure. However, most providers stop offering abortion services earlier in pregnancy.

A new law, if implemented, could limit the window for legal abortion to just 6 weeks, with very few exceptions. It’s critical to keep informed about these potential changes to safeguard your rights and access to healthcare.

Abortion Laws and Restrictions in Florida

Abortion regulations in Florida include a 24-hour waiting period, parental consent for minors, and gestational limits. Let’s break down these regulations:

24-hour Waiting Period

Florida law stipulates that a pregnant individual must first visit their abortion provider for in-person counseling and then wait 24 hours before receiving the abortion procedure. This waiting period may be waived if the pregnancy poses a risk to the individual’s health.

Parental Consent

If you are under the age of 18, Florida law requires that a parent or guardian must give permission for an abortion. If obtaining parental or guardian permission is not feasible, you can seek a judicial bypass. This legal provision allows you to sidestep the requirement for parental involvement. The If/When/How Judicial Bypass Helpline provides assistance with this process.

Gestational Limit

Abortion in Florida is banned after 15 weeks, 6 days of pregnancy, with a few exceptions, which include:

  • To save the life of the pregnant individual
  • To prevent severe risk to the pregnant individual’s physical health
  • If the fetus is not expected to survive the pregnancy

List of In-Person Abortion Providers in Florida

Florida boasts a range of abortion providers offering various services. Below is a list of providers sorted by city. Each entry includes the provider’s name, their services’ gestational limit, their physical address, and contact information. Please note that this information can change, so always verify with the provider.

CityProviderGestational LimitAddressContact
Altamonte SpringsAll Women’s Health Center of Orlando, Inc.Through 14 weeks, 6 days431 Maitland Avenue, Altamonte Springs, FL(407) 834-2262
ClearwaterAll Women’s Health Center – ClearwaterThrough 14 weeks, 6 days28960 US Highway 19 North, Suite 110, Clearwater, FL(727) 785-2525
ClearwaterBread and Roses Women’s Health – ClearwaterThrough 15 weeks, 0 days1560 South Highland Avenue, Clearwater, FL(727) 446-2690
Fort LauderdaleEast Cypress Women’s CenterThrough 11 weeks, 6 days962 East Cypress Creek Road, Fort Lauderdale, FL(954) 772-6200
Ft. LauderdaleMichael Benjamin, MD BSSI Abortion ServicesThrough 15 weeks, 6 days7777 North University Boulevard, Suite 102, Ft. Lauderdale, FL(954) 720-7777
Ft. MyersPlanned Parenthood – Fort Myers Health CenterThrough 15 weeks, 6 days6418 Commerce Park Drive, Ft. Myers, FL(239) 481-9999
Ft. PierceA Woman’s World Medical CenterThrough 14 weeks, 6 days503 South 12th Street, Ft. Pierce, FL(772) 460-1506
GainesvilleAll Women’s Health Center of Gainesville, Inc.Through 14 weeks, 6 days1135 N. W. 23rd Avenue, Suite N, Gainesville, FL(352) 378-9191
GainesvilleBread & Roses Women’s Health Center – Gainesville Woman CareThrough 15 weeks, 0 days1233 NW 10th Street, Gainesville, FL(352) 372-1664
HialeahA GYN Diagnostic CenterThrough 14 weeks, 6 days375 E. 49th St., Suite 2, Hialeah, FL(305) 824-8816

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is abortion legal in Florida?

Yes, abortion is legal in Florida, with restrictions. As of now, abortions are banned after 15 weeks, 6 days of pregnancy. Parental consent is needed for individuals under the age of 18, and there’s a 24-hour waiting period for all individuals.

What if I am a minor and can’t get parental consent for an abortion?

If obtaining parental consent is not an option, you can seek a judicial bypass, which will waive the requirement for parental involvement. For assistance with this process, you can contact the If/When/How Judicial Bypass Helpline.

Are there providers available for abortion services in Florida?

Yes, there are several providers that offer abortion services in Florida. It’s important to confirm with the provider their specific offerings, gestational limits, and any other relevant information before scheduling a procedure.

Understanding the laws surrounding abortion in your state is crucial for making informed healthcare decisions. Stay up-to-date on these matters, and always consult with your healthcare provider for personalized advice and information.

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