6 Tips To Make Your Engagement Dinner a Living Memory

You have found your other half and seeking to break the news to your friends and family. The journey has not been easy. But like other events, organizing an engagement party can be hectic. You might be wondering how to approach it and bring the in laws together.

An engagement marks the beginning of your wedding plans. It indicates that you are ready to move to the next step of becoming a husband and wife. The good thing is that there is no set formula of how to organize one.

In essence, the party can be a simple 30 minutes event with few drinks. Some people can decide to have a fully-blown event while others can make an engagement inside other people’s party. But how will you make your engagement dinner a living memory? Here are some tips to consider:

Consider working with a host

Initially, an engagement party would take place at the bride’s home. Your in-laws would host the party. But with changing times, this is no longer the case. You can choose the family that will host your engagement party. This family can be your potential best couple.

If you pick either the best couple or bride’s family as the hosts, you should consider informing them at the right time. This way, you will avoid last minute rush and make your party a great one.   

Choose a memory building venue

Like other events, venue place a central role in making your engagement party memorable. The venue is the heart of all memories. However, you venue selection depends on the number of guests invited and the format.

For instance, a formal engagement party works well on an indoor space. You can rent a room in a restaurant that will fit with your invited guests. If you pick the informal option, you will need an outdoor space.

Sometimes, a garden or backyard is a great venue for such event. This space will allow you to prepare some BBQ and perform other outdoor activities to build your engagement memories. Regardless of the route you take, ensure your venue of choice contributes in making the engagement dinner a living memory.

Define the outfit and party theme

How will you and your invited guest wear during the party? Outfit and party them are essential components in making an engagement dinner memorable. The dress code will always bring back the sweet memories of the day and harness your love.

Essentially, you outfit should match with the party’s theme. Some people go for a white dress code. But this is a good outfit for formal events like wedding. To make your party unique, you can opt for a non-formal dress code.

Cocktail outfit or simple dress codes such as jumpsuits can make the party unique and create some memories.  If you do not have a defined outfit, you can go for what feels fit for the event.

Select the engagement ring jeweler perfectly

Sometimes, choosing a jeweler for an engagement ring can be challenging. You need a jeweler with enhanced skills to craft an attractive and unique engagement ring. Remember, the ring plays a central role in your party. It is the reason why you invited all your friends and family.

Nothing would be disappointing than getting a small ring that does not fit your fingers. Such an experience would be an embarrassing encounter. So, ensure you go for a professional jeweler to avoid such experiences in your special day.

Have a guest list

An engagement dinner is not a public event. You need to have a list of guests you will invite in the party. Also, you should send the invites in advance. Failing to have the guest list can turn your event into a regrettable one. For instance, you might expect your colleagues, family, and friends to turn up. But since you did not send them an invitation, they might not show up.

To make the party a living memory, list all guests you would like to grace your event. The list should feature your close friends and those of your bride to-be. Also, send the invitation and confirm attendance. This way, your party will succeed and become the best engagement dinner ever.  

Have a team to organize the party 

Engagement dinner is the first stage before the wedding day. In most cases, it marks the initial step for planning your wedding. For this reason, it is important to have a team to plan for the dinner party. Taking the task yourself can be stressful and have some impacts to the main focus – your wedding plans.

In a word, your engagement dinner should not be a stressful event. You can make it simple and memorable. All you need is to consider the above tips. Pay attention to them.

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