5 Ways to Have Smoother Skin

We all want flawless, glowing, pore-less skin, but how do you get that?

While there are ways to have smoother skin in the short term, many of these don’t do too much for long-term outcomes. However, there are ways to make your skin look amazing.

From an easy at-home skincare routine to luxury beauty procedures, read on to find out which are best for your skin.

1. Apply Sunscreen

Sunscreen is an essential component of maintaining smoother skin at any age. Sun exposure is the leading cause of premature aging and signs of skin damage, such as wrinkles, dark spots, and sagging.

To avoid more extreme skin problems, like sunburn and even skin cancer, apply sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 every day before stepping outside and applying it every two hours or after swimming or sweating. Sunscreen should also be worn even on cloudy days and year-round, since UV rays can still reach our skin.

2. Exfoliate at Home

Regular exfoliation will help improve circulation, encouraging the production of new skin cells, as well as brightening and lightening skin tone. It will also help remove excess oil and dirt from the skin, allowing your favorite moisturizer to absorb more.

Additionally, it’s a great way to get rid of any ingrown hairs and pesky breakouts. So remember to exfoliate to keep those skin cells turning over and to have smoother, healthier skin and a youthful look.

3. Stay Hydrated

Whether you drink more water, eat hydrating fruits and vegetables, or apply moisturizers and lotions to your skin, hydration can help your skin maintain its natural glow. When your skin is hydrated, it looks plumper, fresher, and less wrinkled.

As your skin cells are being renewed, hydration helps them stay healthy and strong so they won’t break down. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day will help keep your skin cells in good condition.

4. Moisturize Your Skin

Experts suggest using a thicker, oil-based buttercream topical product on dryer areas of your face like your forehead, nose, and cheeks before you moisturize. There are also light, oil-free options for areas of the face that are more prone to breakouts, like the chin and nose. Regular moisturization helps protect the skin from environmental hazards and prevents trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL), which leads to wrinkles. 

5. Consider Botox Injection

Through a series of injections, Botox can provide instant improvements in the appearance of wrinkles, helping to make them appear less pronounced. It can also help improve the plumpness and shape of the skin.

The effects can last up to four months, so regular treatments can help maintain smoother skin for a longer period of time. Botox injections are safe when performed by experienced professionals, and because they are non-surgical, the risk of any severe side effects is very low. 

Effective Tips to Get Smoother Skin

With the right steps, smoother skin can be achieved. Drink plenty of water and moisturize daily to keep the skin hydrated.

Exfoliate, avoid harsh products and protect your skin from the sun. Try these tips, and you’ll soon be enjoying smoother, healthier skin. Get started today with the best long-term results!

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