5 Reasons Why You Should Start Losing Weight

If you’re looking for reasons to lose weight, you must have realized that your weight is already becoming a problem. If so, you’re one of the millions right now looking to lose their unwanted weight but looking for a good reason to do so, and luckily for you, we have plenty of reasons why you should go on and lose weight. 

From avoiding heart disease to getting a huge self-confidence boost, there should be at least one good reason to lose weight that you can relate to in this article. Without further ado, let’s start.

Give Yourself a Good Night Sleep

Do you often get sleep apnea? One thing that might be causing it is you being overweight. Sleep apnea happens when the upper airway collapses while you sleep, cutting off the oxygen tunnel. Because of this, your brain will force you to wake up to breathe correctly. And if you think this is merely due to you snoring while you sleep, it isn’t. In fact, there is usually a combination of other factors that cause it.

For example, fat in your airway causes the oxygen tunnel to be more prone to blockage, causing sleep apnea. Not only that, but fat also puts more weight in your lungs and reduces the space necessary for it to expand. It’s like having someone sit on top of you while you sleep. Fat changes your hormonal signals, which essentially rewires your respiratory systems, making you more prone to sleep apnea.

If you look at the numbers, experts say that a quarter of all adults have sleep apnea, but more or less half of obese people have it. Sleep is a major regulator of our metabolism, so of course, having sleep apnea is bad since your body is not getting enough rest, and most importantly, it’s annoying. Who wants to get woken up every hour or so every night?

You’ll Be Less Stressed

As everyone knows, stress is a silent killer. You’re probably already aware that high stress is linked to cardiovascular disease. However, how is stress connected to being overweight? You see, when you’re overweight, you’ll have less sleep quality and time of sleep overall because of what we discussed just now, which is sleep apnea.

However, stress is a huge factor in a brutal cycle. When you sleep less, you become more irritated and prone to mood swings. When you’re stressed, you tend to overeat, which leads to an unhealthy diet, and since you’re not getting enough sleep, you’re not regulating your metabolism, leading to obesity. And when you’re obese, you’re more prone to sleep apnea.

That said, once you start losing weight, you’ll become less stressed because of the endorphin and serotonin you get from working out and the high quality of sleep you’re getting. Not only that but reducing your stress will allow your body to balance your hormones better, including those that regulate appetite and hunger. In short, if you lose weight, you’ll be less stressed.

You’ll Survive Surgery and Birth

This one is good news for women looking to have a baby soon. People who are overweight are:

  • Harder to intubate
  • Has a higher risk of incisional hernia post-surgery
  • Has a longer operation time
  • Has a higher rate of postoperative complications
  • And the risk of catheter site infection

In short, surgery is a very risky business for obese people. This is a double whammy since obese people themselves are more prone to conditions that require surgery in the first place. Another reason is that by losing weight, you can also have a higher chance of childbirth. 

Because of the amount of fat obese people have, it’s harder for them to carry on childbirth, which can prompt the doctors to do a Caesarian section, which is a lot more dangerous than regular childbirth. Not only that, but with obesity, they are more prone to having complications after childbirth, which can even make another one for them even more dangerous.

Improve Your Memory

This is a simple one. If you’re having memory problems, it may not be linked to more complicated issues like Alzheimer’s. It might be because you have a lot of body fat. Body fat slows down brain activity, making you struggle to remember things. This is especially true if you’re fond of eating sweetened food items because fructose makes it more difficult for your brain to create new pathways essential for remembering things. In short, if you lose weight, you’re also improving your memory.

Confidence Boost

This is a pretty obvious reason, but one of the main reasons why many people are motivated to lose weight is to have more self-confidence. Usually, obese people tend to shy away from social interaction because of the negative body image they have. If you’re one of them, then one thing you can do is try to lose some weight. 

It’s not easy, but you’ll have more self-confidence and a positive body image at the end of it all. And if you want things to be a little bit easier, you can also incorporate weight loss medications along with proper diet and workout. They might be a little expensive but with promotions like wegovy discounts, your journey to weight loss will be a little more bearable.

Final Words

If you’re unsure whether you want to start losing weight, then maybe one of the reasons above might motivate you. Losing weight is not just about self-confidence but also about having good health. If you want to live a healthier life, then one thing you should start doing is to lose that extra weight. The journey will be hard and long, but it’s worth it.

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