Dragon Symbolism: What Does the Dragon Symbolize?

Dragons have a long and beautiful history globally, with the first depictions of dragons occurring around 6,200 BC from the Xinglongwa culture. They’ve since spread worldwide and gained significant symbolism in several cultures. Understanding dragon symbolism and significance is critical if you plan to wear dragon jewelry or apparel.

Knowing what do dragons symbolize helps you determine if they’re the perfect fit as your spirit animal. These mythical creatures play a vital role in mythology throughout human history, and understanding their story will help you understand the power of the Chinese dragon.

The good news is that you’ve discovered the perfect guide to learning more about dragon symbolism so you can pick out the ideal apparel to add to your aesthetic. Continue reading to build a more robust understanding of dragon meaning today!


One of the most significant meanings the dragon provides is protection. A dragon spirit animal is excellent since it protects yourself and those you love. You can rely on the dragon’s meaning to get you through tough times since you’ll have the courage to continue.

A dragon’s strength and ferocity don’t make it an even or cruel creature. In many cultures, dragons serve as guardians. You can count on a dragon to keep your soul and spirit safe when facing challenging times.


Another dragon meaning to consider is intelligence. Dragons are considered all-knowing beings. Your dragon spirit animal will provide guidance and wisdom when needed.

Several legends throughout history view dragons as guides to the heroes of the stories. They’re known to provide wisdom and advice when facing difficult circumstances. The knowledge and intelligence dragons provide are displayed throughout temples as they guide the story’s hero to a peaceful and prosperous conclusion.


The strongest case of dragon symbolism is that of magic. They’re portrayed as massive magical creatures resembling winged lizards or serpents. Their large and powerful wings allow them to soar to the heavens and back.

Most portrayals of dragons in history also involve their ability to breathe fire. The ties between dragons and magic extend back millennia. Some cultures and mythologies hold dragons in high regard to the extent that the briefest sight of them paralyzes mere mortals.


Harmony is not what many people associate the dragon spirit animal with, but it’s a significant component of dragons. Mythology paints dragons as the peacekeepers of their domains. They protect intelligent and innocent animals while putting fear into animals that take advantage of others.

Expect to face a dragon’s wrath if you exploit kind and innocent individuals. It’s also critical to remember that not all dragons are positive influences. The fact that both good and evil dragons exist allows for balance in the spiritual world.

Consider checking out dragon rings for sale to spread harmony into the world around you. You’ll send a message that you’re not one to be taken advantage of.

Good Luck

Dragons are also supposed to bring good luck to those who dream of them. Seeing a dragon in your dreams is a sign of good things coming your way, so expect a spree of good fortune, thanks to your dragon spirit animal. Per Feng Shui, dragons will bring you growth, good luck, and prosperity in the future.

Dragons Across Cultures

It’s also essential to understand dragon symbolism and how different cultures view dragons. China has different views and beliefs regarding dragons than Celtic or Native American culture. Here’s a deeper look into the cultural meanings dragons carry.

Chinese Culture

When learning more about what dragons symbolize, China has several different dragons to note. The Red Dragon is the summer dragon, a common sight during celebrations across China.

The Black Dragon is most associated with wisdom. Chinese culture associates the color black with age and wisdom. Meanwhile, the Green Dragon protects the Earth and the species that live on it.

Understanding the symbolism of each Chinese dragon will help you find the perfect dragon spirit animal that aligns with your core beliefs and values. You’re fortunate if you win the favor of the Gold Dragon, which brings prosperity and wealth.

Celtic Culture

Celtic culture also holds dragons in high regard, with the Red Dragon carrying the most power of all dragon species. It brings strength and prestige, and it’s heavily featured on the flag of Wales. Celtic folklore shares several tales of heroes fighting dragons, but not all dragons are evil in Celtic culture.

Many Celtic warriors would decorate their armor with images of dragons to add protection against their enemies. The enthusiasm and increased bravery were enough to help them overcome their enemies against long odds.

Native American Culture

Native American culture isn’t often associated with dragon spirit animals, but the dragon’s meaning carries much weight in several tribes. Dragons are never explicitly mentioned, but several tribes revere lizards and serpent-like creatures. The Apache tribe shares a story of a hero eliminating a flying, lizard-like creature that eats children.

Japanese Culture

Japan is another nation that holds dragons in high regard. Dragons bring balance and harmony to the world in Japanese culture, and it’s a highly respected symbols. A significant difference between Japanese dragons and those of Europe is that dragons in Japanese culture lack wings.

Dragons in Japan are composed of several different parts from other animals. They have the body of a lizard with the paws of a tiger and deer’s horns. They also have only three claws, compared to the five claws on a Chinese dragon.

Harness the Power of Dragon Symbolism

Dragon symbolism carries a significant power across several cultures worldwide, and you can benefit from the power of a dragon spirit animal in several ways. Dragons provide intelligence, balance, and harmony to the world, and you can count on a dragon to protect you if you’re fighting for the forces of good. They also represent magic and bring good luck to those who see them.

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