Four Effective Recovery Tips for Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is one of the most effective and safe procedures to eliminate cataracts. Millions of people undergo this procedure to cure the cataract that starts affecting their vision each year. 

Once you have had a successful cataract treatment, it becomes seamless to recover as you ease into your daily activities. However, there are some precautions that you may need to consider to restore your vision on time. Since the eyes are a sensitive part of your body, they become more susceptible after the surgery.

We have collected some expert tips for healthy recovery after cataract surgery, which you can consider:

Follow Your Doctor’s Order 

Before you leave for home, it’s crucial for you to ask your doctor precisely about the precautions you should take. Your doctor will deliver you with the perfect timeline for when you can continue your daily life activities properly. So, following the instructions will save you from any mistakes that can severely affect your eye health. 

Each person has different needs after the cataract surgery. Many patients develop cataracts due to myopic changes. The relation between high myopia and cataract is such that it precedes the development of cataracts. Luckily with the treatment and new lens installment, your eyesight can be fully recovered.

Now to fully care for your eyes, don’t rely on random online doctors for a prescription. Only your doctor will be aware of your eyes’ health and their needs. Follow the dosage of medications on time, such as eye drops and pain relievers, on time to ensure the fastest recovery.

Avoid Driving For a While

Driving needs proper attention and focus on the road. After the surgery, it can be challenging for you to drive safely as the light may interrupt your vision. Many people report that they feel a brighter world after the surgery. 

So, wait for the doctor’s order to start driving after the cataract surgery. You should also get recommendations for a dedicated set of glasses that will limit the access of light in your eyes for driving.

Shield Eyes from Irritants 

After the surgery, it’s completely natural to feel that something is in your eyes, like an eyelash or a particle of sand. First, you should limit yourself from rubbing and touching your eyes in case of that feeling. Secondly, you will want to start wearing wraparound glasses to shield your eyes from the dirt, dust, and pollen from the environment. 

Wearing glasses will also limit the access of light to your eyes, which eventually makes a recovery fast and safe. Similarly to that, you should also practice wearing an eye shield provided by your doctor after the surgery to eliminate any physical contact with your eyes.

Remove Eye Pressure 

There are many activities that you should avoid to speed up your recovery right after the cataract surgery. Normally we perform specific tasks that increase the pressure on the eyes. For instance, bending down, rigorous exercise, weight lifting, and more. 

The ophthalmologist strictly recommends taking a break from certain activities for a couple of weeks after cataract surgery. The reason why you should avoid that is that high pressure on the eyes will interfere with the incision before it starts to recover –or even worsen the eye condition. 

So, keep yourself easy and limit yourself from certain positions initially after the surgery.

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