50+ Best And Simple Rangoli Design Special For Diwali Wallpapers HD Free Download

Rangoli is one of the popular art to decorate our home, it is designed on the floor of the house with different colors on the occasion of the Diwali, Onam and Pongal . Actually the word Rangoli is originated from Sanskrit word Rangavalli which means welcoming gesture to the gods.

Rangoli is made with different material like color powders, ground rice, flowers, diyas and suji and many more. By coloring your suji in different color you use it as it is easy to flow and easy to use, in flowers like roses, marigolds and daisies these are used for making rangoli, green leaves are used for segregation and for the partition with outline.

Here is the vast range of the designs of the rangoli which will help you out in making your rangoli which is easy to make and looks stylish.

stylish rangoli design
colorfull rangoli designs entrance rangoli design traditional rangoli design Indian rangoli design beautiful rangoli design powder color rangoli design for diwali circular rangoli design for diwaliGoddess rangoli design for deepawalicolored rangoli designpowdered rice rangoli designflower pattern rangoli design for diwalimirror pattern rangoli designsimple and easy rangoli designstylish rangoli design for deepawalidiyas rangoli designborder pattern rangoli sdesign for diwaicolorful pattern rangoli design foe diwali

Indian rangoli design for diwali traditional rangoli design for diwali dancing girl with flower pattern rangoli design beautiful rangoli design for diwali

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